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My buddy at Camp IDontWannaBeSick. "Friends" on in the background, wallet nearby for retail therapy, laptop for shopping and work catch-up. Kitteh cat taking up my spot on the bed. Everything is in its place. 🤢😷😴😪

These are sensory path pieces I made for Kaylee but i noticed today she has realized the one has suction cups like some of her bath toys. I didn't teach her this trick, I assume Daddy is the one behind that! Time to wash this thing again... 👅💦

Waiting for Nana and Papa to get through the phooey traffic! Boo weather! 😛

Beloved box toy needed reinforcements! Superman to the rescue! Hopefully.

So much bluuuuuue! #nofilter 👀

#Afreaks beading detail at @seewhatyouthink

Glad to have made it to see "Beauty" at @seewhatyouthink this weekend. Lots of great pieces!

New goodies for my collection! #youngliving #essentialoils

Yes, if you throw my cake there will be a severe injury. 😡🍰

One from this morning. Last night she loved getting into the box and looking at herself via her reflection on our patio door. But this morning it was too hard to see with all the light so I got my mirror and propped it up for her. She was so happy!

Boxes are the best toys ever. 😍

Frustrated I couldn't find parking at my first destination today so I just went to my second one a bit earlier. Snapping some pics and thinking. Thankful it is a lovely morning and the weather is not too chilly.