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Jennifer E McClain McCann  🔹You, Me and Dotty and Hank 🔹 @shopfromthepast ♦️

INSIDE MY PURSE: If you’re a mom or caregiver you know what this 😂

OUTTAKES MAKE ME LAUGH. Also I have to admit I was super nervous to join the “NEXTDOOR” app here in Utah because I got such anxiety in Ventura reading about all the crap that went on there from gun hold ups at ATMs to attempted child abductions.

I laugh every morning because literally the worst thing I have seen on Nextdoor in Cottonwood Heights is “LOOK AT THESE TEENAGERS THAT SMASHED MY PUMPKINS ON MY PORCH! This has to stop!!” Don’t get me wrong I love California and Ventura, but I think it’s a little safer here 😂 #youmeanddotty #herecomeshank

“DADAAAAAA!” And one sock #herecomeshank

Oh you fancy huh! Lee Marvin Sweater made by the amazing @via.meccanica finally fits Hank! #herecomeshank

If you’re going to @babesrideout and if you’re a mama, caregiver or maybe you want to be a mom or connect with other mamas in the desert, meet with @buckskinvintage Ashley Wilson. She will be our (@redwingheritagewomen ) on-site rep and is planning to get a group photo and connect with all you mamas attending! Feel free to reach out to her or myself if you’d like more information! ❤️

95% of our photos of the four of us were taken with a timer and 100% of the photos there’s always someone looking away from the camera #asgoodasitgets #youmeanddotty #herecomeshank

R E D R U M 🎃 👻

I’m not going to lie, I’ve really really missed this season shift into Fall 🍁. I forgot how it feels to get hot chocolate and pick out pumpkins when it’s actually cold outside #youmeanddotty #herecomeshank

All of the love in the world to these two people. I’ve never felt the need to be in two places at the same time as I do in this moment. ❤️

I honestly believe the slow motion feature on the iPhone is only good for lightning and jiggling chunky babies 😍

I’m nostalgic by nature so I love when I get little alerts that this was one year ago today.

Joshua tree with friends, Hank in my belly and a chunk Dotty making friends with everyone she meets. ❤️ #youmeanddotty #herecomeshank

Ginger babe is getting cuter and cuter. #herecomeshank

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