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We went to a movie last night, Equalizer2 🎬, and brought my own bar in my purse🍫 👜.....
Of course I had to eat it 5-minutes into the pre-show trailers bcuz well... if there’s food in my purse, I might as well eat it ASAP or I’ll just think about it until I do anyway🤷🏼‍♀️ .
But my point is, I didn’t skip the popcorn🍿 or candy🍬 bcuz I’m restricting-I literally had no desire to splurge on those things last night -I brought the bar as my “treat” out of habit. If it’s a special night out, yah I’m probably going to splurge on something or have a couple drinks #NoGuiltThere But to adopt fitness & health as a lifestyle and not a ROLLER COASTER🎢 of weight loss and weight gain, other issues that compound as a result, then you have to decide to be good most of the time and splurge when it’s worth it to u! 80/20 rule or 90/10 if you have bigger goals. Who needs accountability help?
If you’re giving into temptations MOST OF THE TIME *or* on the other hand, if you’re restricting MOST OF THE TIME, you’re essentially living an all or nothing lifestyle and that’s not sustainable. .
I’m definitely not here to judge anyone’s decisions because I’m CERTAINLY not perfect & we’re ALL at different stages of learning what works for us & we all have different struggles and goals. I just want to encourage you to decide what your “balance” should look like 🥦🍩🍏and that they line up with what you want💪🏼, so that you can aim for that with realistic expectations & outcomes👊🏼.

Cheers to the weekend!! 🥂I’ll be sharing in my stories *throughout* this weekend details of my favorite things& where they’re from: these wedge flip flops, my favorite hat, favorite drink, favorite workout shoe, favorite white skinny jeans, favorite lashes, & ... anything else helpful or of interest?

Whoa! I felt that shoulder workout this morning! I think the key was that there were NO BS BREAKS that I often take when lifting on my own. When following a program, there’s no time to spare! Otherwise I’m guilty of glancing at my phone when I’m working out. Do you? C’mon now, be honest!😌

Can anyone relate? I’m really losing all sense of style for ACTUAL clothes🤔I have 2 styles at this point- summer: leggings & tank, winter: leggings & hoodie. I’m not complaining...I’m saving a LOT of time and money from NOT having to buy “work clothes” anymore👌🏼#JoinTheWorkFromHomeClub But “Rent the Runway” is great for dressy events & I know my sister @chalenejohnson really likes their monthly program where you rent 4 items at a time #WearNothingTwice

Today i added flaxseeds (1 tbsp) to my smoothie & I couldn’t even detect it!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I never did that before because I thought I’d feel what seemed like tiny ants in my smoothie🐜 🤢...yah, I have a weird thing about certain textures. Just like there shouldn’t be any raisins in my cookies ...or nuts in a cake🚫 ...and carrots in a cake?! Oh hail no! 🤣 And mushrooms & shrimp😷.. don’t even get me started😆

One of my favorite core circuits! You may be up to doing more than 1 round.. depends on your core strength & endurance. If you do this, DEFINITELY warm up first & modify as you need to ! ☝🏼😁

⚠️THIS IS JUST A TEST... disregard unofficial before pic but can you let me know, by liking/commenting, if this post fell in your feed before 3pm EST ? •
I did a similar test on my fb like page and was kinda blown away with how many hadn’t seen a post in forever & they assumed I had moved away from fitness 😱! I know all about fb algorithms with like pages but this was the confirmation I feared😆 #igfitnesscommunity is 💣

What is your workout today?? I try to focus on workouts, sleep, nutrition, mindset that will make me better ATHLETICALLY but that all helps me improve aesthetically too. I completely get wanting to look a certain way & absolutely nothing wrong with working towards that if you do so in a healthy way. For me, the athletic focus is a LOT less pressure (unless you’re a competitive athlete☺️) & a LOT more healthy and fun! AND it tends to get you there with habits you can sustain! ☝🏼😉

I read a quote in this book of quotes (can’t find the quote now of course🙄) but it went something like “to be happy, you need something to do, someone to love, & hope” or something like that... so true, right?! I would add however, someone funny & chocolate☝🏼. & coffee.

As soon as i _____, then I’ll be ready to ________!
Do you negotiate with yourself on things? When i first got on IG, I only posted my food🍏🥙🥦🍓, then my wise but bossy, older sister Chalene😝 told me people need to SEE you in order to connect with you & then be inspired by you. So then I started posting a dark pic here & there 👤😆and honestly, that’s WAY easier now but still selfies are not my favorite (but SO worth it to do what I do). Then once other fitness professionals started posting videos, I said, “oh no way! once I have a 6-pack, then I’ll post videos on IG☝🏼☺️” Haha... good thing I didn’t wait ! I shut that voice down & put my big girl pants on (well my high-waisted lululemons that is☺️) & posted some #HIITworkouts which I LOVE to create due to teaching bootcamp for years (capitalize on YOUR strengths & history)! If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, which wasn’t comfy anyway- it was stagnant - I wouldn’t be fulfilling my passion and my *responsibility* to help other women in fitness and in business! So gurrrlll, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the “perfect time” because there will ALWAYS be a million reasons why it might not be the perfect time. There’s ALWAYS a slew of people smarter, prettier, more qualified, leaner, etc etc but no one has your exact history, experiences, skills or unique strengths. Own that & focus on what you DO have right now. If you’ve got one GOOD reason to act now, go for it and learn as you grow 😁💫

What would you rather do in a tropical location🌴☀️🌴☀️ ??
1️⃣ Beach
2️⃣ Pool
3️⃣ Spa
4️⃣ Shop
5️⃣ All of the above plz🙋🏼‍♀️ Matt & I are BEYOND excited to see and spoil our team in South Beach (swipe👉🏼)! We try to do different forms of recognition & rewards, for different levels ..veterans and newbies! Treating them is my favorite! •
This business isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to be coachable, patient, willing to learn & fail forward, willing to learn the “how-to’s” and trust the process, willing to work hard for the life you want, willing to stay consistent even when its NOT easy, and you have to be the type of person that actually LOVES to believe in others & help others succeed (versus competing and/or being more concerned about judgement). I’m so excited to be finalizing plans to treat about 30 fitness coaches and their guests👭 in South Beach🏝 at the Loews Hotel this fall!
Coaching part-time while working full time is not only a viable option, it’s how I started for the first 2 years & it’s how MOST start. If you don’t “get it”, I get that, just ask ☺️

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