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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JENDELLA  💎 contributing editor at @blackballaduk 💎 august child of the sun on high 💎 📓 👶🏾 🎬 🙏🏾 🖋

: #tbt to 24 year old jendella 😏

: mad to think that i started as a photographer. i’m grateful for the journey that i’m on but i really miss shooting 😪 this mama sabbatical is taking longer than I thought it would 🤔 i had a whole documentary planned to start shooting this summer but that’s on pause cos life is weird and wonderful and long and tiring and unexpected and i don’t know what i’m doing – actually i do know what i’m doing but if i told you, you wouldn’t believe me so i like to play stupid to appease the sceptics and avoid too many questions 🤪🤫

: i miss this 🤔 (first 📸 by @willtwort)

: a good morning #bookstagram

: if you don’t know why we suffer, you don’t know why we live 🤔 even nietzsche understood this on some level...

: “...we can’t wait this long to get healed. we’re thinking, skin heals. why can’t we?” 🥀🥀🥀 if you only read one book this this book three times over #bookstagram

: they grow so fast 😢💞👩🏾👑👦🏾

: mama A 💫 in yoruba culture, mothers are often known in the community as “mama/iya (name of first born child)”. at first glance this can offend (western) feminist sensibilities, as a woman shouldn’t be defined by/eclipsed by her children, etc, but the symbolic “change” of name is just an acknowledgement of an actual reality 🧐
i read somewhere that during childbirth, two new people are born: the newborn and the new mother. and speaking to women who have more than one child, they say each birth can be like that too. is it just western culture where you’re meant to have a child and then somehow return back to your “regular programming”? the same body, the same work schedule, the same life as before? is it just here where any change is defined as 😱sacrifice😱, as if parenting is persistent martyrdom? not to say that parenting is a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination, but the way we frame it, the unspoken expectations and pressures we place on ourselves, and each other, don’t make a hard job any easier 🤭
some days i feel like supermum, some days i feel like i’m only just keeping my head above water and i allow myself to cry the way i want to (crying is underrated), i’ll probably drown. believe it or not, that’s very normal. but if i’m gonna have a crap day it’s going to be because it was an objectively crap day for genuine crappy reasons like my bank account is running on empty, A had the meltdown to end all other meltdowns in the middle of a shopping centre, i’ve had hormone-induced migraines, etc – not because i’m falling short of some imaginary yummy mummy, mumtrepreneur, fitmum, postpartum easy breezy covergirl aesthetic 🤥
as i wrote this i polished off a cheeky mcdutty’s breakfast while A played on his kindle next to me allowing me uninterrupted time to tap away on my phone 🙃 i actually took off the “goody-two-parenting-shoe” screen timer setting on the kindle because sometimes you need an unspecified amount of distraction and i won’t have kindle judging me 🤫

: 2 passports, 3 international trips and 1 staycation all before the age of 3. this child is living and has no idea 😍

: drake-niceforwhat(cdq).mp3 💅🏽 #gottahitthemangles 🤳🏽 #pipeuponem 🗣 #showinoff 💁🏽‍♀️ #butitsalright 😚 #yeahweshowinoff 🤩 #butitsalright 🤗

: gonna keep this forever but i need @iamtobioredein and @mrawoniyi to sign it first 💞
a wedding is just for one day but the details can say a lot about the couple. the mix of wonderful souls who came out to celebrate #mrandmrsawoniyi speaks to how their individual characters have drawn such light around them. from start to finish the day was full of love, grace, praise and the goodness of God. still cheesin’. #stilltired

: glistening 💫✨🌟 #mrandmrsawoniyi

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