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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JENDELLA  💎 august child of the sun on high 💎 love her like the leaves 💎 📓 👶🏾 🎬 🙏🏾 🖋

: drake-niceforwhat(cdq).mp3 💅🏽 #gottahitthemangles 🤳🏽 #pipeuponem 🗣 #showinoff 💁🏽‍♀️ #butitsalright 😚 #yeahweshowinoff 🤩 #butitsalright 🤗

: gonna keep this forever but i need @iamtobioredein and @mrawoniyi to sign it first 💞
a wedding is just for one day but the details can say a lot about the couple. the mix of wonderful souls who came out to celebrate #mrandmrsawoniyi speaks to how their individual characters have drawn such light around them. from start to finish the day was full of love, grace, praise and the goodness of God. still cheesin’. #stilltired

: glistening 💫✨🌟 #mrandmrsawoniyi

: did i tell you about that time that i presented ‘young motherhood’ at the house of commons? yeah, yeah, true story, it happened a couple of weeks after i found out i was pregnant and i was sick as a dog the whole day because of nerves but also morning sickness. i’ll tell you more about it another time. but besides that, young motherhood has also appeared on @buzzfeed, @londonlive, @huffpostparents, @bbcwomanshour, amongst many, many other places. i’ve hosted workshops with young mums, guest-lectured at universities, and spoken at conferences for youth workers and practitioners. this project has connected me with people from as far a field as america, australia, brazil and tanzania who have been doing the work of de-stigmatising and supporting young parents and their families.
and if you haven’t already seen me banging on about it, it’s now going to be in 🗽new york🗽. i’ve never even been to new york! 😅 at some point my work is going to have gone to more places than my passport has! 🚀 (link in bio to read my interview on the @icp website)

: peckham 🤙🏽 > bethnal green 🙌🏽 > new york?! 😯
the first ‘young motherhood’ exhibition was in a store front in peckham with just six of the portraits. the place was packed out and over the weekend i had a little pop up studio where i shot free family portraits. five months later i got given the opportunity to host the full exhibition for three whole weeks at @richmixlondon. i hung the whole thing by myself listening to @nickiminaj’s ‘the pinkprint’ album on repeat (it had just dropped that day). that’s the day i learnt how to put up an a1 sheet of vinyl text on my ones cos the guys who i had booked to do it said they were too busy 😅
surreal that three years later it’s going to be exhibited at one of the world’s foremost visual arts & culture institutions. read my interview on the @icp website (link in bio) and you can still cop a ‘young motherhood’ print or e-book from
“i feel one minute yeah we got it then it’s gone, why we keep waiting for a moment to live for? so can’t nobody ever tell me that i’m wrong, cos i’ma rideout with you, still the night is young...” <<< big mood

: throwback to that time my project ‘young motherhood’ was featured in the guardian – and no less than a double page spread! my dad went out and bought a stack of that day’s newspapers 😁🗞
well guess what else? ‘young motherhood’ will be in new york this month as part of #icpprojected at the @icp. read my interview with @natashavianna on the icp website (link in bio)

: all the things i’m thinking about...
* how nice it was to see @asiasmom_ today 🌸
* i need to read faster
* i need to write even faster
* when am i going to organise my annual writer’s salon?
* i just need more hours in the day to be honest
* ...still so many podcasts to catch up on...
* i’m hungry but i don’t want to eat anything that is currently available
* my to do list is super short this week... 🧐
* i’m clearly not going to do anything else productive today so should i just go bed now or what?
* i like to moan, but i can’t really complain can i?

: i’d be lying if i didn’t acknowledge that writing for me is a selfish exercise. where photography and filmmaking is creating something beautiful for the world to consume, when i write i always turn inward first. i studied fine art and textiles and that feeling you get when you’re stitching a mass of fabric into a floor length gown, or when you’re turning a wash of watercolour into a shape, a person, with depth, perception, shadow and form, that’s what i feel when i’m wrestling my wayward thoughts into a paragraph of elegant prose. i used to say that writing is therapy, but that’s too shallow a comparison. writing is life, writing is creation, writing is feeling the breath of God against my cheek.
whatever i write always read aloud, and the feeling of a perfectly crafted sentence rolling off my tongue is so delicious i actually get butterflies. the majority of what i write no one will ever read (because it’s in my diaries and journals), but the satisfaction doesn’t disappear without an audience. i’ve written myself back to sanity, i’ve written myself into a career, and now i feel like i’m writing myself into a future that once felt like a dream. act 7, scene 1: the life and times of jendella the first 📓🖋💫

: trying to make potty-training more interesting (for the both of us! 😵💩)

: he lucked up on a real one, a real one, keep it one million 🥇 “baby, you know that i know that you know i’m the truth”

: the glow up 💡 ya guurrrrlll is the new contributing editor at @blackballaduk, which means that i get my own official @thecamru illustration 😚 read my latest for black ballad via the link in my bio, then click on my name to read my archive 💅🏾

: our first family selfie 🙄😆

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