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Missing the home gym and days without endless studying

Are girls who neglect working upper body comparable to guys who skip leg day? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And yes this shade of purple is my favorite color

Got an exhausting leg day done on this Saturday morning. I’ve been having really awful workouts lately because I’ve had a lot on my mind and was struggling to truly give my workouts my undivided attention but this morning I came into the gym and just focused on nothing else except the task at hand. Felt good to finally break through consistent shitty workouts. No one is motivated as hell every single day but it takes hella discipline to show up everyday and give your all regardless of feeling like crap. This week has showed me how disciplined I am and also how much I hate bad workouts 😂 don’t let a couple of bad days let you get off track ❕❕ Hope everyone has a great weekend and GO GATORS #gameday #legday 🐊🐊🐊

Not every workout is going to be perfect. Some days you won’t get into your “zone”. That’s just life 🤷🏽‍♀️ today my mind was definitely somewhere else and I couldn’t focus on my lifts but I worked through it and got it done. Today’s leg day was nothing spectacular and I didn’t hit everything I wanted to but I know next leg day will be different.

Had a killer back workout with my girl @isalifestyle_ ❤️ if you wanna see my two ALL TIME FAVORITE back exercises to grow your wings swipe ➡️➡️ Remember ladies, the trick to having a small looking waist is a wide back 🙌🏻

🍑🍑TODAYS LEG WORKOUT (butt / hamstring focus)🍑🍑
1. High Volume/ moderate weight squats 12x5
2. Good mornings 12x4
3. Cable Deadlifts 15x5
4. Cable kick backs 12x5
5. Elevated toe RDLs 15x4
6. Goblet squats 12x4
7. Hip thrusts 15x5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Does anyone else feel like if you wear dope gym clothes your workout is like 12 times better? @tilyoucollapse leggings literally always having me checking myself out it’s kinda embarrassing 😂 Whole outfit is tagged in the pic 😘 Also, if you couldn’t tell from the totally pink outfit, it’s breast cancer awareness month and I’m putting the link in my bio to donate to cancer research! Although I do not personally have breast cancer, 1/8 women will be diagnosed at some point in there lives and it’s really does influence everyone in some way! Hope everyone has a great Monday to start off this week!

When your both savage animals and squat more then any guy in the gym and max out every single machine 🤷🏽‍♀️ #smilingthroughthepain

Working on that back width today 💪🏼 just trying to make my waist appear smaller you feel? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So lately on Instagram I’ve been seeing these @tilyoucollapse leggings everywhere and I totally had to get my hands on a pair! I was really skeptical since I couldn’t try them on and they weren’t a huge brand and I didn’t know anyone who owned a pair but they came in the mail today and to say I am impressed is an understatement. I usually feel uncomfortable wearing leggings for long periods of time but you seriously can’t even feel these. They are so comfy and flattering and i would easily compare them to lulu for half the price. These are the Tan color, they just recently launched, and they are totally squat proof. Not paid to post this but as someone who was so curious about these leggings and honestly kinda scared to buy them, I felt the need to share. I’m wearing a size xs and I’m like between a 4 and 6 in lulu.

Teaching bae my deadlift ways. I’ve posted about this before but I continuously receive messages asking why I deadlift so frequently and it’s because deadlifts, and variations of deadlifts, target glutes and hamstrings better than squats or any other exercise. Between cable, barbell, Romanian, stiff leg and like 1000 other variations of deadlifts, my hamstrings stay store 😂
Leggings are @aptitudeapparel use code “Butters10” for 10% off 💰

All black cause my new beats are black 😂
Anyways, tried barbell shoulder press instead of dumbbells for the first time and hit 90lb for 8. Pretty impressed with my strength 💪🏼 Shoutout to Alec for spotting me and making sure I didn’t kill myself 😂

Keep your squats low 👇🏼 and your standards high ☝🏼

Friday nights at the (squat) bar with bae 😍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Top is from @aptitudeapparel, use code "Butters10" to save some 💰 💰

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