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One Pearl Fresh Garden Brightening mask + Meitu = the world's sweetest serial killer modelling her latest victim's skin. I think this could be a real reboot option for Hannibal, maybe with a Riverdale crossover?

Found this dude out the back of my block of flats, looking very sad. @evcricket said it was an Antechinus (and something rude about the male of the species' mating habits), so I gave him some water. EDIT: he appears to have recovered and scuttled off to live another day as a small marsupial/rat. Or possibly been eaten while I wasn't looking.

TA-DA #pandanpatrol #pandanpav. I went with coconut yoghurt and tinned mandarins. Add lychees to the list of thing Coles don't sell.

Traditional central well collapse but looking good anyway, and no one will notice when it's covered in... I'm not sure yet. Nothing that I need to whip because it's going to be assembled picnic-side. Coconut yogurt? Also taking fruit suggestions (already on the list: tinned lychees). #pandanpav #pandanpatrol

@ifermoore this was in my mailbox when I got home tonight, I'm saving it for tomorrow afternoon x

Just another enthusiastic op-shopper

Stuff the previous reading list

Circa 1999. I think I took pride in my inability to style my hair (no one tell Lucy I put her photo on the internet).

My first job as a journalist also involved the best business cards I've ever had.

When I was 21 I went out with an astrophysicist whose aunt was a creationist. She gave him a subscription to "Creation" magazine every Christmas and sent Chick tracts in between. He had an extensive collection.