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I am so thrilled to be a part of the @gracelacedbook launch team. I have been anticipating the release of this book for a long time. I have always loved @gracelaced art and the wisdom with which Ruth speaks. She is such an encourager and always humbly reminds women to stay rooted in God's truth as we face the various tasks of our days and lives. I'm so excited to read and journal through this beautiful book. #gracelacedbook

Preparing four children and two adults for church every Sunday is not always easy, but it is always worth it and I believe it is very important. Do you have tips for making Sunday mornings run smoothly? We set out clothes the night before and eat a simple breakfast! I'd love to hear what works for you! Have a wonderful Sunday. GOD IS GOOD! #nanningasundaysisters

I told my husband, "This Starbucks cup doesn't look very naturey." πŸ˜‚ However, if you see all those wild children in the distance, then this Starbucks cup looks very necessary. VERY necessary.

My hubby captured this little scene early this morning. Delaney has been in a routine of nursing between 9 and 10 pm and sleeping til a little after 5 am for the past few nights. Since nursing and diaper changes take me until almost 6 am and our girls tend to rise before 7 am, I've decided to not go back to sleep. Instead I've been doing some more in depth Bible study using techniques from Jen Wilkins "Women of the Word" (you can check out the book or visit @risenmotherhood for info on the Inductive study method). I hope I can make this a habit, but we all know that some days are just hard. I've been listening to podcasts while I clean or nurse and thought I'd recommend a few! It has been a blessing on days where sitting and reading is just hard. @athomepodcast @risenmotherhood
Dad.tired for dad's
The gospel coalition
Desiring God
The Reformed Kidcast


7/11 ✌

Today's #thedailystrew is brought to you by the letter z (zoo), animal flash cards, paper plates, construction paper scraps, markers, and glue sticks. They are cyrrently creating paper-plate animals! 😍 #strewing #athomereallearning #learningwell #thepeacefulpress

Took a drive to escape the heat!

14 children spread across 4 couples who have known each other since before any of these kiddos existed. We use to play games and watch The Office every Thursday night. Now we get together once in a blue moon and spend half the time chasing toddlers, nursing babies, and starting conversations that we don't always get to finish. It's different, but it's still so fun and totally worth it.

Summer FOREVER!!πŸ‘βœŒπŸŒž

Church picnic, bbq with friends, s'mores, and sparklers. Happy 4th!

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