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Thank you @iolovesyou for sharing this beautiful image. And personalizing this struggle. We, the mothers ,sisters and lovers will do anything in our power to make you feel safe. ----------------------
@iolovesyou "This is a transgender child. This is a little boy who peed his pants because he was afraid of being ridiculed In the bathroom. This is a child who learned to hold his pee for ten hours so he wouldn't have to face the pain of going into the bathroom of his assigned gender. This government is cruel, and anti-children, but YOU can take this one back, by petitioning to have gender neutral bathrooms everywhere you are. We can beat this, so all the little ones out there, like me, don't have to hurt themselves to feel safe. Get bathrooms safe wherever you can. #transisbeautiful "

Thank you Howard ZInn. YOU ARE THE VOICE OF AN UNVOICED GENERATION. You and #noamchomsky , thank you. And thank you @e.delorenzo and @rhymefest for such eloquent and inspiring discussion tonight. ❤️

Oh so happy you were brought into this world today. That you chose this moment in time to become the man you are becoming. That you chose me to be your woman, to challenge and cherish. And that you chose this moment in time to help me bring a son into the world. I look around me and my eyes glitter and water out of appreciation for the father you are, the fathers that I see surrounding you. What an incredible generation of souls we are collectively raising. Thank goodness this new breed is not bound by the shackles of toxic masculinity. Thank goodness Ethan you are who you are , you are making the world a better place simply by being yourself. I love you.

Let love reign.
Lovesong , an independent film about falling in love with your best friend comes out 2/10 in Minneapolis,MN
02/17 in Nyc,NY 03/03 in La,CA
3/08 Sioux falls, SD 3/09 Madison, WI 3/10 Nashville,TN 3/24 Santa Fe , NM 5/03 Erie, PA

Let's be human together ,
for as long as the sea will be salt
And the air will be free


A gorgeous detail from Ethan DeLorenzo's first collection of poems and photos , "the breath of our roots"

Poetry is such a graceful act of rebellion and a noble art of preserving our most intimate histories. It's an honor to announce the arrival of my fiancé, Ethan Delorenzo's first book of poems entitled "the breath of our roots" for purchase online. Link on his page @e.delorenzo
A beautiful collection of poems and images that trace the imprint of our scars from living on this planet. Baring witness to what's sacred and what's insane as a young man today.
A handmade book that I love. Made with love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

/ Little does he know
Every veil of truth
He presents
Are a million banners of consequence ------ ------

Some shared poems up on @wethetenderhearted a new online publication by the golden hearted @danifine & @naomi_shon

A beautiful interview by @wethetenderhearted asking @e.delorenzo and I about our poems, practices and possibilities by @naomi_shon

She ,
Shot on film in Myanmar