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Jena Malone  A human with a voice. Calling for all poets to submit their best acts of protest and humanity

A symbiosis or Happy Mother Earth day --
The breast arches and forms the shape to meet the needs of his mouth , long before they were ever acquainted. That's true love. That's what mother nature is all about. Embodying true need. Adapting to fulfill true growth. Ahhhh, we still have so much to learn from our mother.

Will we look back in shame, as our great grandchildren try to fathom how we could consume so much with so little thought as to what we were leaving behind?

It's either our choice now or her ultimatum// The truth,
The wise and womanly body that she is,
Will take no prisoners
As she sweeps you off your feet
And deep into a ravine
Balance will come
In a slow game
Of destruction
She will win
At the cost of everything.
#respectyourmotherearth #giveupyourshortgame #fuckourlifestyleconsumption #listentowhattheearthissaying

Your poetry submissions have been wonderfully blowing my mind. I'm in awe of the vulnerability and grace and hunger for action that is alive and well today.
I've decided to postpone the event planned for April 15 because there is something MUCH bigger brewing here. More than a discussion night that exists in different locales. More than an open call for poets and activists. I'm diving deep into this. And plan on sharing updates soon.
Please keep sending poetry. Tap into what's not being said today and send it my way. This will be a holy and vast collection, helping us all transcribe the world we are creating together.
Thank you,
Your graceful rebel mama j
Send poems to

" The most important thing an individual can do is not become an individual "
#billmckibben thoughts and quotes on our survival as a species. Full article in my bio

A promise ,
When left to its own devices , grows and grows and grows.
Or how I caught the mist on film.

Kissing every rock, hello, goodbye, I love you. Or as the oceans rise my heart collapses. Or rather, this is no longer an individuals journey. Asking what can I do? How can I stop climate change? This way of thinking is no longer good enough. We are deep into the "We" territory.

My favorite musical duo

The mirror says I'm getting older/

Let time
Come with its own bell
And formal announcement
About its demise
If used wrongly
And if disguised
As truth.

Calling for all poetry submissions: Political, historical, shameful and shouting. Poems that speak of the dying paradigm, the earth and every unsaid and said truth that is human. All these things are political and powerful.
I'm starting a curated mic series where politics, poetry, and permaculture will be read and discussed. The first event will be the evening of April 15, and it will be held in the central coast of California. Location and time TBA.
Each event will be livestreamed on instagram. If you're not present and your poem is picked it will be happily read out loud by me or one of the many readers of the night.
We are part of an emerging paradigm. We are the founding fathers of a whole new world and way of thinking. We all need to hear your voice. We all deserve to be heard.
Send poems and any personal info you care to share (name, age, where you're from) to

After a year of full moons praying, i finally caught your wing span on film.

Once the propaganda cloud breaks and you see the truth as it's always been, that we are living under an empire of greed and neoliberal doctrine. Run by a small number of corporations. Who will do anything, over throw, assassinate, lie and warmonger to keep the common person ( read: democracy) down and keep their power. After you realize you were born into an age of energy descent ( read : peak oil, non renewable energy source depletion) and the lie of exponential growth( read: modern economics is political fodder) and how it is causing the socio-biological crisis of this plantet's lifetime.
Once you wake from that I'd love to take you out for some tea.
And if you like , join me

As I prep for the new emerging paradigm ,
with punk rock , permaculture , politics and poetry.
Location and time tba

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