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Jena Malone  Transformation/What a strange miracle you are. Gifting ease, hand in hand with maladies. Awkward, abrupt, abundant. You turn me into truth every time.

One strand is the wind , the rest is glorious and unabashedly my sons everyday hair style.
All filter , no shame, taken by a mama learning to get over social expectations and loving the self that remains at the end of the day.

I think I’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life. The moment the bubble bursts and you somehow become the adult you have always been. I’ve seen your tiny moments growing strong. I’ve seen you fight your path bravely , walk it kindly and meet each new turn with such grace and ease. I’ve seen the wildness of your heart and your curiosity and courage grow into dear friends. Ive counted your fingers and freckles and bruises with you. I have cried with you and fought with you. And I have loved you deeply before you were even born. The world is not just a better place with you in it but it is a world that will be changed by having you in it. Forever and always your ally in this. Happy 21st dear woman. I hope you get shit faced with those that can mirror that gorgeous light. I love you. Your big sis.

Morning comes to those who wake and embrace it. In another life I woke early for the sunrise to capture it with my camera. Now I wake early to make tea and waffles for my little one. My Mornings are still spent tending the things I love. And always naked somehow. At least that hasn’t changed. Photo by @shelbyduncan

A tide pool of hurt or rather how not to drown in your tears but bath in your own salt water cure.

When your heart explodes and matches the sky , you thank your lucky stars and kiss every single one his fingers and toes. Photo by our captain for life @domwolczko

Los Angeles ,
you have watched my private moments closer then I have. You have tended them by pretending not to care. You created an exile for my wall flowers to bloom. I left you so many times and still , the strange lover that you are , welcome me with nostalgia and golden light.
I love you more when you are a poem to me. Lucid and captured on my tongue. Then when my shadow becomes your mockery. Comparing my beauty to billboard just for fun. ——————————— an old photo I took , like an old flame ———— taken in an abandoned house in la.

My reciprocal place

In the bedroom of my youth #kahleforever

You and I
In that passing perfect
Across the sky
How you easily fill
Each moment
With eternity
And I’m forever yours
And you my darling
Are forever a light.

When my arms were the size of my head or rather what a whole stunt/ film crew does when they stand behind you and believe in your inner strength. Or really I’m never gonna stop standing up for myself no matter what. And I’ll never stop believing I’m stronger than I look. In other words, don’t fuck with me. Self portrait taken with photo booth on a laptop while shooting and vigorously training / living / breathing the film #suckerpunch . Thank you @cruelfilms for seeing something in me I didn’t know was there ( and now will never shut off )

where i knew i could lean back
into you , without looking
being carried by a deeper pulse
than just flame
Photo collab with @mblash

I am fragile , breakable , fallible , momentarily incomplete and eternally whole. Photo by my beautiful boundary teacher and bestie @mblash

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