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J e n H a l l B u r r i s  Artist ⭐️Wordsmith ⭐️Memphian ⭐️über Married⭐️Creator of Finn the cherub⭐️Part time Ruler of the Ball⭐️ Link to WTF interview 👇🏻

Finn is a BOOGER eater.

This interview was EXTREMELY difficult to say the least. I opened up about some REALLY difficult subjects like growing up with an abusive parent, experiencing a sexual assault in college, becoming the kind of parent that I needed, and how I’ve used vulnerability to find healing. I answered some tough questions and broke down for a bit, but if my transparency can help ONE person that’s struggling to heal from abuse, trauma, or sexual assault, it will have been worth it. You’re not alone. Thank you @wtfeminine and @kimmillerbonten for having me. 💕 link in profile

Ummm, repost from @frankielafemme

You can’t f*ck with me if you wanted to. 🔥
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I’m taking wifey on a Valentine’s date. Shhhhh, don’t tell Mike 🤫

Game of Thrones costumes OR me practicing sewing with old curtains? 😜

Roses are red ❤️Violets are blue 💙 .
🎶Dees esspensive, dees is RED bottoms, dees is BLOODY shoes. 🎶 #cardib #shoeporn

Interview with @wtfeminine link in profile✨ #repost ・・・
Yes!!! A new episode is out and ready for your ears!
Jen Burris is an incredibly talented Memphis artist! She's a singer, songwriter & performer who had used her art to work through some personal trauma. She needed a way to get it out and she found that through her music.
In this episode, Jen opens up about being sexually assaulted back in college and the pain of not being believed by the people who are supposed to protect you the most.
Kim & Jen also discuss the "me too" movement, what a real man looks like, and the importance of setting boundaries.
Jen also talks about the joy of being a mom and how growing up with an alcoholic & emotionally abusive mother has shaped her own approach to parenting.
Spoiler alert: Sometimes our parents teach us the valuable lesson of what NOT to do as a parent.
Kim & Jen also discuss all the exciting things on the horizon for Jen including writing lyrics & collaborating with other local artists.
Jen is such a BRAVE woman and this episode is for anyone who has experienced something incredibly painful and has come out on the other side stronger.
Click the link in bio to download and listen to full episode. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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I’ve been chiseling away at her. She’s no where near alive, but is now showing a bit of leg. I wonder how much beauty I can coax from this cloth. I’m breathing life into her with every stitch so that by the time she adorns a human soul she will shine with a soul of her own. ✨ #hausofvox

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I think I may have discovered my life’s purpose. 📷 @kaseydoll

I don’t know how to sew YET, but I randomly picked up fabric on my way home yesterday & decided to create two rough draft designs. Which do you like best? ✂️ 🧵

💥 Finn tries Pop Rocks for the FIRST time! Think he’ll like em? 💥 Watch to see!

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