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Jennifer Thompson  👸🏻NSL Co-Founder 🏋🏻‍♀️CPT Camp Gladiator DFW 🏃🏻‍♀️Athleta Fit Pro & Ambassador 💊ID Life Athlete 🏅Bikini Pro 🙏🏼Child of God


This week it’s going down in #friscotx!! I can’t wait to soak up all the knowledge this group of successful business leaders are going to drop! ⚔️Do you want to take your life, business & productivity to the next level? Of course you do!! ⚔️ Join us for the Leadership Summit hosted by @loganrstout!
Summit topics include: ✔️Mastering the Art of Connecting
✔️Personality Types
✔️Stages of Business Ownership
✔️Attributes of Super Achievers
✔️Hustle Principles
✔️Belief Triggers
✔️Dream Achieving
✔️Grit Factor
✔️Transformation Leadership
And more! ⚔️Go to www.LoganStout.com to register.
⚔️Use code NSL at checkout to save $$ #success #entrepreneur #motivation #business #inspiration #entrepreneurship #leader #love #goals #life #lifestyle #inspire #quotes #mindset #marketing #hustle #passion #fitness #wealth #startup #mentor #quote #quoteoftheday #wisdom #entrepreneurs #hardwork #faith #coaching

Let me help explain the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a roller coaster life of dieting.
A healthy lifestyle is like having someone’s correct phone number. It is a formula for success and if punched in the correct order you will call or text the person you want fairly easy. Yes there may be days/ moments when it’s harder than others- maybe you can’t get in touch with them right away, maybe they are out of town and can’t be reached, maybe they don’t have WiFi service in the area they are in.... but for the most part it’s simple. You follow the formula and you reach them.
A roller coaster life of dieting is like having all the numbers...but you didn’t take the time to listen or ask to have them given to you in the correct order. So, you are punching in numbers like crazy everyday getting exhausted and frustrated, trying one after another with no results. Sound familiar? If only there was a formula!! ;-) Oh wait, there is!! Stop wasting time putting in the wrong formulas for your body and go with the method that works!
✅ Eat a healthy, balanced diet 🍎 ✅ Exercise - Combo of lifting weights and cardio 🏋🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️
✅ Cut/ limit sugars, processed foods, fried foods, sodas 🍟 ✅ Hydrate 💦
✅ Get more sleep 😴
✅ Take your vitamins 💊
Yes it can get way more detailed than this, but this is the basic foundation that cannot be denied for long term health and wellness, no matter who you are, especially that last one- Put it on REPEAT!! .
I take care of the first three and the last one, but @idlifecorporate helps me to take care of 4,5, & 6! ✔️I use their #Hydrate product made with coconut water and electrolytes to help me stay hydrated throughout the day, I use their amazing✔️ #sleepstrips to help me get a longer & deeper sleep, and I use their ✔️#idnutrition customized vitamins to fill all the other gaps! They have more products that I love but these are the most important 3 and they are all natural, non GMO, soy free & gluten free!
Use the link in my bio to find out your health score and get started on building your foundation so you can get the results you are after! ❤️

Put a smile on your face and keep going! If God brings you to it he will bring you through it. ❤️ Happy Sunday!
#faith #fitness #sundayvibes #sundaymood #sundayslay #jtf #jenthompsonfitness #praytrainslay #NSL #nspire #nspiresportsleague #nspirelife

#flashbackfriday to those stage feels. 👙 ✨💫
Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. .
Stepping on stage to compete is so fun & invigorating! Getting through prep and seeing the changes in your body makes you feel powerful and like you can accomplish anything you put your mind too. When I first started competing I went all in— and a few years later realized that I had neglected other very important areas of my life. Be sure that when you are working with a coach or putting your own competition plan together, that you also include a plan for an off- season, for family get togethers, for a vacation that doesn’t revolve around a show and for date nights here and there. Not only is competing stressful for you, but if you’re not careful it can be very very stressful for those around you. But, if you have the knowledge before you start, then you will have the power to make wiser, more balanced choices along the way of your journey! .
The short version- Above all else make healthy choices for your mind, body and soul!! .
The next @nspiresl contest is coming up in Houston Texas on March 10th! Join us for the #HustleTownOpen! Registration and tickets are available online at www.nspiresl.com
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Dear ❤️ Valentine @nslcommishofficial: I am thankful, grateful, and blessed by your love and everything that you are and are becoming. Thank you for loving me so much and always treating me like a queen. Thank you for loving God the most and chasing him so hard. We are just getting started. To Him be the glory!! 💕
#bestfriend #partner #destiny #life #husband #wife #valentine #valentinesday #mygift #blessed #blessing #love

Happy Valentine’s Day all you beautiful people! From our hearts to yours- we love you!! ❤️
#valentine #valentinesday #love #cherish #fitness #fitfam #tribe #NSL #nspiresportsleague #nspirelife @nspiresl

Oh hello Week, let’s do this. I’m ready for ya. 💪🏼
Here’s a few tips to start your week strong: ✅Review your long term goals in your 📓 journal
✅Write out & prioritize your 5 main goals for this week
✅Prep your meals tonight if you didn’t do it yesterday or at least have your meals planned out for the week.
✅Put your blinders on and stay focused! 🦁 ✅It’s Valentine’s ❤️ Week so make sure you do one thing special for yourself!!! Get a massage or a mani pedi or splurge on a new pair of sneakers or a new pair of leggings!
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“Sin becomes tasteless when we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.” - @toddwhitelc .
“The cross isn’t about proving itself it’s about dying to self.”
“You can’t have 🔥 fire and be consuming a lot of things of this earth...” Gary Wiggins .
“Are we going to be controlled by the flesh or by the Holy Spirit? There’s a battle for control going on right now for your attention.
Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, - try to find out as much about you as they possibly can.
Why do they want to know you and notify you? Because it wants control. They want to know what’s going to move you & make you act. The Holy Spirit wants your attention too!!! Are we listening??- and WHO are we listening to???” @bensonruss .
“A man who has met God is not looking for ANYTHING because he has already found it.” ❤️@sonshipintl .
“Religion says to separate the clean from the unclean. Jesus says HEAL THEM!!!” @evangelistdanielkolenda .
@nslcommishofficial and I attended the @cfanusa #fire18 conference this weekend and W O W what an incredible experience! We got totally blasted, filled, & renewed. It was so beautiful on so many levels. We learned so much and also ran into many of our friends who we met at #jesus17 & on our trip to #Israel. Feeling blessed right now is such an understatement. Thank you Lord for being all we need and for setting us on 🔥 for you for your name is greatly to be praised! .
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Registrations are on 🔥 for the @nspiresl Hustle Town Open!! This is our season opener and we can’t wait to see y’all there! 🔹Find all the info, register and purchase tickets at www.nspiresl.com 🔹Comment below or inbox me with questions! 🔹#nationalqualifier #bikinicompetitor #mensphysique #fitness #figure #wonensphysique #mensclassicphysique #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #houston #htown #hustletown #hustletownopen #NSL #nspiresportsleague

When your nutrition game is on point, you are setting yourself up for success! You’ll have more energy, recover faster, have less injuries, and experience results much faster and for long term. Click the link in my bio to find out your health score and fill the gaps in your nutrition plan. I’ve never felt better!! Comment or Inbox me if you’re ready to level up your nutrition game or if you have questions! 💁🏻‍♀️ #idlifenutrition #personalgrowth #personaltrainer #jtf #jenthompsonfitness #idlifeathlete #success #changeyourlife #individuallydesigned #determined #opportunity #nspirelife #fitculturecrew #fitnessjourney #livehealthycompetehealthy #fitfam #selfawareness #mytribe #idlifemovement #teamjtf #vegan #healthy #bikinibody #bodytransformation #supplements #nutrition #NSL

#tbt to winning the @bodybuildingcom #bodyspace spokesmodel search back in 2011 with @stevecook. I’ll always remember that as one of my greatest memories and accomplishments! We both made the cover of @ironmanmagazine and had about a 6 page spread inside. I also met some amazing people & made some great lifetime friendships. I still keep up with all the contests and I’m super excited for each person involved in it because it’s such a wonderful experience!
#jtf #jenthompsonfitness #opportunity #fitfam #fitculturecrew #fitnessmotivation #success #determined #fitnessjourney #inspiredaily #workoutmotivation #idlifeathlete #nspirelife #changeyourlife #individuallydesigned #nspiresportsleague #grateful #thankful #successfuldream #livehealthycompetehealthy #fitgirls #bikinipro #bikinicompetitor #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #winner #wayback

Happy #humpday! It’s the middle of the week and the time where we sometimes let the world get to us... it starts feeling heavy- all the work, projects, demands, family stuff, working out and just plain trying to keep up with life- and we start thinking about throwing in the towel and just coasting I to the weekend. Well, I’m here to encourage you to keep going and bust into the weekend with 🔥!! One thing I do is use my workout hour as my “therapy session” of sorts. For that hour I let everything else go and just focus on getting the stress out of my body, doing something just for me and working out in a way that I enjoy. I encourage you to flip your mindset so that your workout is not “another thing you dread”, but instead if you make it your time to feel good and feel strong then you will be amazed at the difference it will make in your day and your outlook on life in general! Get it!! .
Hat by @nspireapparel
Leggings by @blessedbodywear(Discount Code JTF)

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This year one of my goals (among many) is to be my most authentic self. I want you to get to know the real me... not the “Instagram version” of me. I want you to know that have weaknesses and doubts and insecurities. I want you to know that there are a million ways that I feel like I could do a better job at many things, but especially of managing time, sometimes I just plain suck at it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I care too much about what people think about me and sometimes I could care less!!!! I wear my hair down about once a week and the rest of the time it’s in a bun. I’m 80% tomboy and 20% girly girl. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that’s it’s hard for me to focus on one and really bring it to fruition- but this is the year I’m going to try really hard to focus on a 🎯 and make it happen! I love watching dog/ animal videos because they just make me smile and laugh!! I have made some really bad decisions in life and done some things I’m not proud of- but I do believe in forgiveness, giving those things to God and letting Him bring restoration. I also believe that we have to follow God & our heart- if something goes against our values & beliefs- we need to run in the opposite direction. I believe that a clear conscious, and a God centered mission is way more important than any amount of money or fame. Don’t sell your soul- it’s not worth it. I cherish my family and friends- even if you haven’t heard from me in a while, I love for you!! Im so blessed by the #tribe of people around me and if it weren’t for you I’d have gone 🍌 by now!! Lol Fake news annoys the crap out of me. There are so many ways people try to manipulate us these days and it really makes me sick- This is why a strong foundation is important so you won’t be caught up into believing everything you see or hear on the “news”. I believe that we are all constantly changing and growing and that the most powerful thing we can offer someone one is GRACE and/or MERCY. #love #unity #peace #knowledgeofself #selfworth #lovenothate #elevatedmind #knowyourworth #selfawareness #prayfortheworld #quotes #quotestoliveby #spirituality #christ #thoughtfultuesday

Happy #motivationmonday! 🚨 Long post warning! Lol
I get asked a lot about what keeps me motivated to stay in shape, go to the gym and eat healthy. My answer is definitely NOT what most people want to hear.... but if you do listen then the body you want can be yours!! I’ll start by saying this quote, “Motivation gets you started, but habit keeps you going.” - #JimRohn I began playing team sports (softball) when I was 5 years old and stayed involved with some type of “team” to this very day. I wasn’t the best on my team... actually far from it!! Lol I was the most lanky uncoordinated little kid out there for a loooong time! And that Un-coordination came with me through basketball, track, cheerleading, and everything else I tried—-FOR A WHILE!! I was blessed with amazing coaches all throughout my like who taught me more than how to play the sport- they taught me the importance of showing up to practice everyday even if it was the last thing I wanted to do. They taught me that I was a part of a team and that my best effort would help the team- even if I didn’t think my part was important. They also taught me that if I would stick with it, I would eventually get better!! I was determined to get to that “better” stage, so after many falls, losses, not making a team wanting to quit and just feeling like it would never happen... I finally started to see improvements!! I started getting control of my body and worked hard to improve my form on everything. I even sacrificed myself as tribute to be on the cross-country team so that my teammates could qualify lol! But, my point is that after sticking with it for 10 years, I finally had my first big “breakthrough” and made it to the Texas State Meet for Track & Field! I also finallly made it onto the cheerleading team after years of embarrassment, and nerdiness. I then went on to put myself through college by earning a cheerleading scholarship and then walking on to the track team and also earning a scholarship there as well. It’s not because I was the best by any means, but it was because I never gave up. I showed up when no one else would. I stayed late, got up early and put in extra work. And guess what.. 👇

I haven’t posted a pic of my lil nugget in a while... so here’s some cuteness for your day!! 🤗💕💕 #pommom #pommypoo #dogs #dogsofinstagram #puppylove #fitzy #Jtf #jenthompsonfitness #nspire #grateful #blessed

The diet that you follow, the workouts you do and the supplements that you take shouldn’t be decided by what’s “trending”. Instead, it should be about what’s been proven to work, what’s been proven to be high quality, and what you can incorporate into your lifestyle in a balanced manner for the long-term. Quick fixes are just that- quick fixes. The super berry of the month, the super nut of the moment, and even the popular trending workout fad isn’t going to make all of your fitness dreams come true over night or even in 30 days. Sorry to be the one to break it to you!!! Healthy Whole Foods with a variety of veggies, fruits, grains, cutting out the sugar, cutting out the dairy and gluten, exercising CONSISTENTLY, drinking more water, and supplementing your diet with the vitamins and nutrients you can’t get from foods is what really works!! Anyone who tells you different is selling you that 🐍 snake oil! You can either spend the rest of your life searching for that magic pill and being constantly disappointed- OR- you can accept the truth and just start taking responsibility for your health by making heathy choices one day at a time, over and over again. One day of healthy choices compounded over time will result in an astounding amount of success, change and strength that you can’t even begin to comprehend right now!!! Right now you feel stuck and powerless, but one day at a time you will gain your power back- with every healthy choice!! So don’t let the “end result” overwhelm you....instead focus on the smaller choices you can make this moment! Drink an extra bottle of water today, choose something baked instead of fried for lunch, make dinner instead of eating out, do 10 push-ups, 50 Squats and hold a plank as long as you can when you get out of bed in the morning!! Don’t over think it. All of these small choices will add up to your life & your body completely changed. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.
Want help getting started? Take a free health assessment on my site and let’s get you going!! Link in bio 👆🏼 #jenthompsonfitness #fitnessjourney #determined #opportunity #inspiredaily #success #workoutmotivation #idlife #fitness #nspire

#tbt My first magazine cover back in 2009 with @tobiasyoung! Wow, it’s crazy how much has changed since then!! Still so thankful for this opportunity!
#athlete #fitnessmodel #blessed #fitnessjourney #thankful #grateful #jtf #jenthompsonfitness

This Set makes me sooo ready for the winter to be over!! 😭😭 Or to take a tropical vacation!! 😃 #athleta #workoutmotivation #leggings #jtf #jenthompsonfitness #athletafitpro #athletaambassador #shopping

❤️ when God turns lunch into a Jesus experience! Today we were going to lunch with some friends from Tennessee and they had a craving for some Texas BBQ, so obviously we said HECK YES LETS GO! Lol I googled this place and picked it because it looked like a hole in the wall place and those are usually the best. So, as we are eating the most amazing ribs ever, one of the guys comes over to our table and says they saw our big truck outside and googled us and found out we were “kinda famous” and wanted to take a pic with us outside and maybe more people would see it and come try their food. As we were taking the pic we all got to talking and bam, Jesus jumped into the conversation and these awesome men of Poor Daddy’s Smokehouse BBQ learned how much God loves them today as we shared words of knowledge from Jesus with them. And top it off, Jesus healed Evan’s pitching shoulder which took him out of baseball. God is real! Jesus is love! If you’re ever in the area and want to bless some young men with love and eat some of the best BBQ in Texas, please give this place a try! 🙏🏼🤗
#powerandlove #jesus #bbq #northrichlandhills #dfw #poordaddysbbq #cheatmeal @leethompsonnsl @nspiresl

GREAT Saturday Morning CG Boot Camp with these Slayers!!! New Year. New levels.
New victories. New blessings.
New authority. New opportunity.
New accomplishment. New vision. And BIG shout and thanks to my bud @getfitbetrue for bringing the energy and always being rock solid!
#campgladiator #wutwut #startstrongfinishstrong #bootcamp #cgathletaturtlecreek
#GetFitBeTrue #2018 #Nspirelife #fit #fitness #fitfam #jtf #NSL #IDLife #athlethafitpro #jenthompsonfitness

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