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Jem  Next con: ???

Hey guys! Here is the pastel makeup I did to go with my outfit! It's not great but you get the idea I guess! I love this outfit. I haven't worn it out yet but maybe tomorrow will be the day! 💕

Hey guys!💕
I went shopping the other day and bought this outfit and I'm so pleased with it. I know it would look better on a smaller person but ya know what I'm actually confident with how it looks on my body type and nothing will change that! I will do a makeup/cosplay look based on this tomorrow!
All clothing from: @primark men's section (apart from the tights which were from the woman's section!☺️)
#pastelclothes #primark #happy

I tried a punk/fantasy blood look today I hope you like it
Lipstick and eyeshadow by: @nyxcosmetics
#punkmakeup #makeup #nyxliquidsuede

Go check out this raffle by @yumishirou it is awesome!

~oh my ears and whiskers, how late its getting~
My failure at trying something Alice in wonderland themed lol I will show tge face head on in a bit
#aliceinwonderland #makeup #whiterabbit #cosplay

Had a great birthday weekend and to top it off I got some new makeup for cosplay and just general crazy makeup styles!
#nyxmakeup #nyxuk

Still going with the gore but this time with a more pastel vibe underneath I'm still not great at this but I'm having fun
#pastelgore #pastel #goremakeup #imtrying

I tried a more gory look but I'm not very good ant doing fake wounds. Any tips to help me out would be much appreciated 😊
#gore #wigs #choker

Just a crazy guy playing around with makeup and wigs
I haven't styled this wig yet but hopefully I won't need to because I think it looks pretty good already. In a bit of a shit mood so I will probably use doing different styles as a coping mechanism so sorry if I spam you guys today.

I tried to replicate the look that @simply_one_hell_of_a_cosplayer did on me. Lets just say I failed haha
#pastelmakeup #galaxymakeup

Galaxy makeup courtesy of @simply_one_hell_of_a_cosplayer love ya!!

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