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Jemma Craig  Creative direction, etc.

I love this place.

My purse has lasted me 4 years. Time for a new one? πŸ‘›

Missing home today! 😒

Colourful carpets! 🌈

My favourite thing in Dubai. These big bursts of colour dotted around the city! 🌺

The girl with the pretty shoes. ✨ It's non-stop today.. Work, work, work. The Spanish blend from @arabica.uae is to DIE FOR!

Swooning over all the gorgeous design pieces at @theden.dubaiβ€” look at this wallpaper! I'm looking for some Scandi plates in Dubai... Super simple, contemporary. Help! Any recommendations?

Back in the sandpit but drawn straight to the greenery. #🌳🌴

I'm writing this from the plane. I never post images of me (hello πŸ‘‹) but I'm reviewing all the photographs I've taken on my trip back home and there's so much to say about this one. To walk your city is to feel like you own it. It's a collection of personal navigation points like the cafe where you order your coffee, the park where you walk the dog, the exact spot you like to cross the road and that feeling you get that tells you you're home as you turn into your street. I've missed all of it. Those overwhelming sentiments have the power to radically alter your current place in time. #home

Nothing beats #Hogmanay in #Edinburgh. Happy New Year to one and all. To all the Scottish folk, Bliadhna Mhath Γ™r! πŸ₯‚ #home

Indecision. Back to this one! Spending the last day of 2016 meandering these streets and picking up some bits and bobs. πŸ™Œ #home