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I'M SCREAMING HE IS SO CUTE! I HOPE THEY END UP TOGETHER OR I'M GOING TO SLAP EM #selenagomez #selenator #justinbieber #belieber #jelena #jelenator #theweeknd  #abel #xo #starboy #elysandraquiñones #jelysandra

It's really frustrated when I wasted my time writing something that you guys should to read and give me ur opinion and u just don't give a f-u-c-k. I'm sorry but I'm mad.
#selenagomez #selenator #justinbieber #belieber #jelena #jelenator #theweeknd  #abel #xo #starboy

I wanna do this little show out of the kindest Sofia's fans. Without trying they showed me the best way of Sofia and im so happy for that. We are broking the 'stereotypes". I did it first with a jailey shipper aka now my bff Fabiola. Bc its seems like before jailey shippers and jelenators can't be friends and nice each other. (It's sad bc im still seeing people like that btw). Now it's time to do it with Sofia. I told ya I did the as same as you. I hated on her. And I am not proud of it. But now it's time to move on and forget it. She made mistakes we made mistakes. We are NOT perfect. Everyone deserves second chance. I did it with Sofia and now I'm so happy to do it. I saw how she really is and she is so nice. Maybe u don't like her but take a little time to know her and maybe it will change your mind. And if doesn't work just ignore her and that's all. But personally I think to hate someone is a waste your time saying shit about another's. And be on whoever you hate account just to comment shit it's really sad and annoying. Like you have to grow up and mature. Bc hate doesn't make you popular. And if the hate works for u and u think that's what everyone wants, you're wrong. Maybe u can have 1u99102... followers for hate Sofia, Hailey or another. Let me tell you if that the people who is following up for that is bc they have no brain like you. Learn about urself mistake and make ur life better. Focus on what u like and the people who you love the most. U can't hate on every girl who will or was dating with Justin. One day he will want to have a girlfriend and a wifey. He will make his own life and all we can do is support him ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT. Show him that. I'm not saying you have to be nice with who you hate just ignore it. Don't judge people bc she/he is dating with ur idol. U don't know em. IF U READ THIS LOVE U LOL.
#selenagomez #selenator #justinbieber #belieber #jelena #jelenator #theweeknd  #abel #xo #starboy #haileybaldwin #baldwiner #jailey #sofiarichie #richier

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