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hi // #jelena #jailey (missed them for a sec today so... 🙃I’ll probably regret posting this so don’t be surprised if it’s suddenly gone 😅 ib: @wickdrusso . ab: @dubzxy )

Well I don’t know how to start this so... I’m just gonna jump right in to it. Everything comes to an end and the end of my edits on this account is gonna be now. It seems like the right time and it just feels right. Justin and Selena are happy doing their separate thing and I honestly don’t want them to be associated with each other anymore. And ofc I’m still gonna support them just very very separately. Not gonna lie tho - I really miss them together, and their love will always have a special place in my heart. That being said I’ve had such an amazing time on this account. You guys have always been so so so sweet to me and that has really helped me through a lot... so thank you SO freaking much for that. I love this account and I truly love all the memories I have on here. I’m sending a lot of love towards all of you guys. Remember you deserve to be happy. Don’t let small stupid things take away your happiness (kinda of topic but I just wanted you to know, you know ☺️) anyways... thank you for everything. I’m gonna miss you. Bye 💘 loveeee // #jelena

okay so they are not married yet, but I’m gonna keep the video up cause it’s cute ☺️

it’s honestly so difficult to get ideas for edits when there isn’t any new videos of neither of them 🙃 // #jelena (a little bit inspired by megsedits (on yt))

🍓& 🚬 // #jelena

happy birthday to this amazing, strong, beautiful young woman. thank you for inspiring so many people every single day. You have the kindest heart and such a beautiful soul. I love you so much and wish you nothing but happiness 💘 #selenagomez #26

. // #jelena (it’s so weird and ugly 😖 but I want to post something 😩)

this is goodbye // #jelena

they are cute

she’s not me // #jelena #jailey (highly requested. please don’t be offended by this, it’s just an edit. like I’ve said before I respect whatever it is that’s going on between Justin and Hailey)

back to you (audio credit: @jaimeysedits) // #jelena #jailey (sooo I don’t really know if I should keep posting on this account since the whole Justin and Hailey situation (btw I have nothing against them as a couple. I respect them and they are cute + Justin seems happy and that’s all that matters to me). And tbh I’m not really hoping Justin and Selena get back together - even tho I know if they do, I will be all “awww” at them again ‘cause these two as a couple make my heart melt 🙄 Anyway... I kinda want to keep making edits of Justin and Selena but at the same time I don’t want to be disrespectful. Well idk... what do you guys think?


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