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Jeff Wescott  @mutinybikes @rawrsuperfoods @vansbmx66 @thegullyfactory

8 years ago, @tonymalouf and @mrpenfoldk came out to my home town from the Chicago suburbs. We rolled past these spots back to back and I got absolutely bodied on both of them. But somehow, they both worked out in the end and I lived to tell the story. Oh and I slipped my foot dropping off the bank in the last one, but it never hit the ground so we called it good. 😇
📹: @tonymalouf
@mutinybikes @rawrsuperfoods @vansbmx66 @thegullyfactory #COMBline #COMBframe #COMBbars

#FBF Ledge ride to wall 180. Beardsley Banks, North Phoenix, AZ. Filmed by @tonymalouf for my @mutinybikes #COMBline promo.
@rawrsuperfoods @vansbmx66 @thegullyfactory
#COMBframe #COMBbars

#TBT to filming for my welcome to @mutinybikes video. For years, this abandoned car lot used to be a staple spot to session until someone moved in and started slanging cars again, rendering this spot unridable and with a whole different color scheme. 📹: @tonymalouf
@rawrsuperfoods @thegullyfactory @vansbmx66

Another one from the @mutinybikes #COMBline promo. Possibly my favorite spot discovery when I used to live in Peoria, AZ. I had filmed a clip on it for @thegullyfactory a few years prior and always wanted to go back for more. What better motivation than for the frame/bar promo? So happy this worked out like it did. Fun fact : @gregorymoliterno shot a photo of this which ended up as a full page advertisement in the last issue of @rideukbmx. 📹: @tonymalouf
@mutinybikes @rawrsuperfoods @vansbmx66 @thegullyfactory
#COMBframe #COMBbars

Puerto Rico way too good. Easily one of my favorite BMX travel experiences as a whole, thanks to @tonymalouf, @wesmcgrath, @mare134life and @arcforty130! These two clips were how we got the trip started on the first day there.
📹: @tonymalouf
@mutinybikes @rawrsuperfoods @vansbmx66 @thegullyfactory

Throwback from the first @mutinybikes #COMBline promo, when we found an amazing roof spot in Ponce, Puerto Rico, then found out it was a police station, but then decided to ride it anyway. So hyped this worked out as it did, one of my favorites from PR! 📹: @tonymalouf

The last thing I tried for #MABlightworks didn’t go so well, resulting in a badly sprained wrist and unfortunately benching me for the remainder of the project. Could have been worse though and still super happy with all we were able to get! Can’t wait for the premiere! See you all there! 📷: @joshmetzger

A little #MABlightworks extra credit vertical ice fakie, though I think my pedal may have hit every time. Oh well🤷🏻‍♂️ T’was still fun! 📷: @joshmetzger

Stoked my gal @jayveg made it out to a couple “Lightworks” sessions. Thankful for her, and being a part of this project! ❤️
📷: @joshmetzger

An amazing hand drawn flyer for the “Lightworks” premiere by the talented @samuelgarciaart! So excited for this, can’t wait to see you all there!!! ❤️

“LIGHTWORKS”, a video by @bobbykanode. Premiering at the Phoenix Center For The Arts on Saturday July 21sr at 8PM. Hope to see you all there! Full trailer link in bio! #MABlightworks

LIGHTWORKS PREMIERE DATE SET! Saturday July 21st, 2018 in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.
We’ve been working on this for years and it’s finally all coming together. I am very thankful to have been a part of this project!
So stoked for the premiere night, can’t wait for you all to see! Get your squad and make your plans to be there, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

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