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Here’s a shirt design I did recently for @killswitchengage for their tour with @ironmaiden in the UK!! Really really happy with how this turned out and honored that they let me have fun with it. Swipe for the initial colors & inks! If you’re able to check out the tour, do it! I have yet to see KSE live but I know for a fact a Maiden show is something special. If you can go see them! (And get a cool new shirt!) 🤘🤘 —
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New face who dis?

Thanks to my buddy @natesbarbershop805 for the slick trim! Be sure to follow his masterful haircuts and support his new local shop! Get one for yourself if you’re in the area.

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It’s been days since I got Triona Farrell’s first couple colored #Terminator pages and I’m still drooling over them. So lucky to be working with her again!
Also, sad to report that top brass says no T-800 peen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ——
#terminatorsectorwar #darkhorse #darkhorsecomics #comics #comicart #illustration

#artvsartist I suppose. I should update my photo probably...

*This image is not by me, it is by @robertsammelin*
Announced this week, the new book Ive been working on! #TerminatorSectorWar!! With @brianwood.writer and @darkhorsecomics. This book has been a blast to work on so far, I cant wait for everyone to read it! A bit more about it:

This August: a brand-new Terminator comic series! TERMINATOR: SECTOR WAR will be written by Brian Wood, with art by Jeff Stokely.
This series follows a Terminator sent to 1984 New York City to take out NYPD Officer Lucy Castro, a rookie cop assigned to one of the worst sections of the city. More info: (link in my bio) —
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Guess I joined another social media site ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ IG has been slippin’ lately, between the ads and timeline algorithms it’s a mess. I’ll be posting on both sites, in case you don’t want to join #Vero I suggest turning on notifications for my posts.
(Also if you think Vero’s TOS are much different than any social media site you’re kidding yourself)

Just announced today so I get to share it! Here is my variant cover for CODA a new series from my good friend @sispurrier and Matías Bergara coming out in MAY from @boom_studios. Be sure to pick this up because it looks like some insane dystopian fantasy fun!

I’ve been in quite a funk lately, dealing with some personal issues and realizing that I’ve been struggling with a serious case of burn-out, so art has not been the most enjoyable thing... But this piece really was a blast, I normally like to take my time with covers but I pencilled and inked this in a day because I was so amped up on it. The whole time I imagined @morenodinisio coloring it and I was lucky enough to work with him once again. Just look at those gorgeous colors!

I hope you all pick up a copy of this book, it’s going to be a stunner!

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Here is my design for Kelsier. His is tricky to me because, like every character, everyone has their own image in their head of what he looks like. I tried to stick with the basic bullet points of what he looks like mixed witch what I know about his character:
- Blondish hair
- Always smiling, handsome, almost devilish
- Scars from Hathsin in his forearms
- Has a brutal past but isn’t trying to hide it.

Even though he is a thoughtful and cunning individual, I’ve always found Kelsier to be an extrovert, which should be apparent through his colors and stance. Red feels more alive to me, more vibrant even if it is desaturated, that desaturation plays a subtle nod to his past and to Mare. And more muted colors can only help one sneak around at night or blend in if they need to. Still, he dresses like a nobleman occasionally, hence the vest and nice boots, but all of it accents the mistcloak. The red and his posture added together can give him a nice unpredictable vibe. Plus he loves to flaunt those scars.

Will do more of the team when I have time. If you want a better look at these check them out on my tumblr, the link is in my profile!

The original sketch was done traditionally then inked and colored in Procreate on iPad Pro.

#mistborn #misting #mistcloak #brandonsanderson #torbooks #tor #fanart #characterdesign #conceptart #artistsoninstagram

Here’s a design I needed to get out of my system. Vin from Mistborn. I was going for an animated vibe with this by way of Miyazaki via the mistcloaks and simplicity, but I also wanted to tell a story through simple means utilizing posture and color. 
Vin’s colors align more with her introvert and guarded nature, they’re darker or dirtied, leaning closer to blue and black on the spectrum. Her posture/build hopefully show her potential as a strong and driven individual while her hair and clothing should make her able to pass as a boy at a glance.
Traditional sketch, then inked and colored in @procreate on iPad Pro. Swipe for some process videos!

I’m really pleased with how this turned out and will post more of the full team!

#mistborn #brandonsanderson #thecosmere #cosmere #thefinalempire #mistcloak #characterdesign #conceptart #fanart #fanartfriday #torbooks #tor

The full #MrFreeze commission. I’m really happy with how this one turned out!

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