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So true! Thank you @jerrysaltz. The parallels are perfect.

She knows what’s good for you. @brodo morning cacao and broth. So delicious. Thank you @marcocanora

If you think #45 is bad this guy has been bad for a lot longer

Nothing to see here. Just my daughter hanging on an NYC bike rack as if it were a swing. Love this girl. 📸 by @satyabunny

This is my daughter. She is amazing. She is full of light and spirit and humor. She fills my days with joy and bliss. When I am with her, time slows down. She has been born with all the intuition and knowledge she needs to find her way. Now almost 22 months into this journey I have realized that my job as her father is not to teach her the lessons of life or what is the best way but it’s to ensure that her light stays on. That I don’t do anything to dim it.
When I read about Dr. Ford and her struggle and all the women who were attacked by Harvey Weinstein and I think about the lack of spine and the amount of fear that exists among white males in direct power and those sitting on the sidelines not saying or doing a thing. I think about all ways in which my daughters light can be dimmed and I become sad & afraid and mad at the world. Yet I realize that sulking in those emotions are not the same as actions in response to them.
We have a male predator in the White House, we likely have one waiting to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The reason why the narrative is different for Brett Kavanaugh then for Harvey Weinstein is that my guess is most of the men sitting in the chamber who have power and agency have at some time in their lives either committed a similar act of aggression or have witnessed one or stood by as someone boasted about one and their fear of speaking up and of doing the right thing is that they know their guilt deep inside and they know they might be next.
To all my male friends, do not sit quietly. Do not be afraid of #metoo or equal rights. Do not worry that your following may leave you or that your business may suffer. Do you really want to people as friends, followers or customers anyway?
Stand up in your personal life, your professional life and your spiritual life. Use your voice. Use your power. Use your agency to change this dreadful dynamic.
Change is going to happen so we might as well be on the right side of history. Don’t sit idly.

When your two faves hit up the petting zoo and discover Llama Warhol. @satyabunny

HT @timferriss Definitely laugh out loud

The way we roll at Dinner is artichokes and aioli and full on corn on the cob. No need for formalities.

Just me and my girl out for a Saturday morning stroll. Love This photo @enmemetemps

After an exhausting day marching & protesting a little nap is in order. No justice, no sleep.

Crazy hair, don’t care. What’s more fun than @beaconcoffee runs with this little elf. Just magic.

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