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Ran to the park yesterday where Forrest Gump recounted stories from his life to strangers while waiting on the #9 bus. Fun fact: his eyes are closed anytime he has a picture taken in the movie. My eyes were closed too, (seriously, I didn't plan it.)

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ASTRONAUTS!!! Holy expletive!!! You don't get much more elite than that job title. I geeked out hard and still can't believe I had the opportunity to chat a bit with this incredible group of people. I'm still smiling hours later. Scroll down for some of their accomplishments...

Chris Hadfield- First Canadian to walk in space, served as commander of the ISS, spent time on MIR as well, 166 days in space
Peggy Whitson - Record for most days in space by a NASA astronaut with 665 days, first female commander of ISS (first to do it twice too,) was NASA chief astronaut, most space walks by a female
Leland Melvin - NASA Associate Administrator for Education, took Atlantis to ISS twice, 23 days in space, fun fact: picked by Detroit Lions in 1986 NFL draft
Mike Massimino - 2002 Columbia Hubble servicing mission, 2009 Atlantis servicing mission, 24 days in space
Mae Jemison - First African-American female in space, 1992 on Endeavour, from Alabama (represent), served in the Peace Corps, 190 hours in space

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Brag post: On this day exactly one year ago I went to the gym. Then I went the next day. Then I decided to see how many days I could go in a row. I've only missed one day of exercising in the past 365 days and have lost 60lbs. Shout out to me for killing it! (Shout out to @tj_hitt for the day that I missed.)

Dear Iceland,
I miss you. I miss your dancing skies, your glaciers, your black sand beaches, your lava fields, even hiking through your mountains in a blizzard. Let's hang again sometime. Yours, Jeff.

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Went snowmobiling today. In Iceland. Across a glacier.

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So here's a thing that happened. Opened for and hung out with the legendary @garthbrooks. The stories are true, he's one of the coolest people alive. #chrisgaines

I took these this morning in Idaho and I'm super proud of them! Shout out to the incredibly generous family that gave me a solar filter that was way better than mine. #eclipse

Horseback riding in Utah yesterday. My horse was named Whoopi and I had her back. Ha! Get it? Because I was... Yeah you get it. You're welcome.

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How to have a successful 4th of July in 19 easy steps...

Last week appreciating Australia's Sydney Opera House. Did I plan to pose in rapt, pensive rumination and ask someone to take my picture? Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. You can't prove anything.

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I did a thing yesterday.

Happy belated New Year from India!

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