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“If you're insulting people on the internet, you must be ugly on the inside.” ― Phil Lester

In this era, we’re more and more connected through social medias. We share a little bit of ourselves, our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings, and so on… Some are subversive, other no. At the end of the day, an username isn’t just a tool, it’s someone else in the other side of the internet.
While some are hiding on social medias to spread hatred and other bad behaviors, cyber bullying is becoming so common and affecting many of us. We aren’t all strong enough to deal with it. We’ve all heard about people struggling against cyber bullying, or even worse, committing suicides. That’s why I’m teaming up with @ditchthelabel and @foreo to spread my thoughts. Let’s think about the impact of what we are sharing.
There’s no reason to hurt and be rude with other folks. There’s no gain on bullying someone no matter where it happens, excepted destroy him/her confidence, self esteem, his life and the effect can be extended to their family and friends. Back in the day, when I started my Instagram journey, it was all about #CommunityFirst, let’s stay connected in a positive way. ​#virtualisreality #Foreo

✧ Winter is Coming ✧

@canadagoose is bringing the Canadian outside in to L’Observatoire at @le_bhv_marais with an installation: ‘Weather Patterns’. Till September 25th.

To conceptualise the installation, the Toronto-based brand partnered with Public Studio, a Canadian art collective founded by filmmaker Elle Flanders and architect Tamira Sawatzky. #CGxPARIS | Ad

✧ Cruising with the New #PeugeotRifter
My early view is better than yours, just kidding. Driving early in the morning to find the perfect spot for my early running, but first thing first, shoot the spot. #Before9am. @peugeot

✧ morning mist in Normandy ✧

hometown // part II


✧ Cruising with the New #PeugeotRifter
When @Peugeot let me take the new Rifter for a cruise along snowy mountains, I went back to the french Pyrenees 12 years after my first road trip in the area. What a feeling to be back on the road experiencing these sceneries and some hidden gems. #Before9am Ad

✖️✖️ @marshmellomusic {Keep it Mello}

✧ Tale of Prague ✧

N’oubliez pas de participer au concours #Summerstamp organisé par @legroupelaposte ! —
Vous pouvez gagner un appareil photo Fujifilm et avoir votre photo imprimée sur les Timbres de la Poste. —
Pour participer, il suffit de :
1. Partagez vos plus belles photos sur le thème de l'été avec le hashtag #Summerstamp
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Vous avez jusqu’au 24 août pour participer ! 12 gagnants seront sélectionnés par un jury composé d’autres IGers dont je fais partie
12 gagnants seront sélectionnés par le jury dont on fait partie au côté de :
#laposte #concours

✧ Tale of Stockholm ✧

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