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jeffkendallweed  Check out a couple quick snaps from Ibis’ carbon production facility in Santa Cruz at my Facebook below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #kendallweedclassic

Made in USA carbon? Check my Facebook page to learn a little more about what Ibis is up to, link in bio!

Can you guess what’s special about this @ibiscycles Ripley LS?

TGIF! Tag a friend who wheelies way too much! I’ll start- @dudedogdillon 😂

Is an awesome bike even worth riding if it has an uncomfortable saddle? A good saddle can make or break any bike!

A good saddle has a lot of jobs- it’s gotta be comfy, of course, but you’re going to be contacting it at a lot of different angles on a legit ride.

I really like the @wildernesstrailbikes Silverado saddle for my bikes that have a lower handlebar position. This means if my bars are even with or below my saddle height, the flatter, narrower shape of the Silverado works great for me.

Have you tried a Silverado? What works for you?

I just posted my review of the Silverado up on my YouTube, link in bio!

The #thursdayturn thanks to multiple GoPro angles! I like to lean the bike quite a bit, and sometimes my elbows end up doing a bit of gardening in the process.

Do you lean forwards or back in corners?

Do you prefer to low-high your turns, to high-low, or to hold a constant arc?

What’s your favorite part about cornering? Least favorite?

I spent a crazy amount of time doing cornering drills when I was a kid. I’ve certainly forgotten a lot of what I learned back then, and definitely need to get back into those drills, but the basics don’t get lost too easily. Even the simple stuff like “stay off the front brake” is helpful!

We got VOD over on @pinkbike for our quick edit of Atomic Dog trail here in Bellingham on Galbraith! What a cool surprise to wake up to today!

Atomic Dog is a legal, public trail here, and will be rideable until the trees are too big to avoid a harvest- I have no idea when that is, but I’m glad we captured this trail now as the trees are gorgeous! Hopefully any “tree haircuts” are a long ways off!

I first rode Atomic Dog on Thanksgiving weekend of 2015. Coming from Marin County, where even the dirt paths connecting parking lots to sidewalks have “NO BIKES” signs, I couldn’t believe this trail was legal and open for all. How cool!

Edit was filmed by the amazing @loganpatricknelson and I did the editing.

Big thanks to the @WMBC for their hard work advocating for all us riders, and thanks to @transitionbikes for maintaining this trail in particular!

#ManualMischief on a #manualmonday! Bit of a throwback to cold and wet January mornings near the coast, but this little line was too much fun to leave buried on the #hoarddrive!

The HD4 is great at bombing into slippery, treacherous sections a bit blind. Throw in a wheelie and the bike really shines!

Also a bit of a throwback to the Ibis wheel review vid when we originally grabbed this footage. Wide wheels really do make wheelies easier. The hard part of doing a wheelie is not pulling the front end up- it’s keeping the bike in a controlled, straight line! That extra width and support is super helpful!

I ❤️ this bike! Such a classic, fun riding bike that can handle a huge variety of trails!

Ibis Ripley LS size large Vitamin Pee
Fox Float Evol rear shock
Fox Float 34 130 Fork
Cane Creek 110 headset in silver, 10mm of spacers under stem
Thomson 50mm stem
Shimano Pro handlebar cut to 765mm
WTB Technical Trail grips
WTB Silverado Pro saddle
Fox Transfer post 125mm drop
Full Shimano M8000 XT 1x11 speed grouppo:
XT brakes (180mm rotors front and rear)
XT shifter
XT 11-46 cassette
XT 170mm cranks
XT chain
XT Trail pedals
Ibis 942 wheelset with Industry Nine Torch hubs
WTB Vigilante TCS Tough High Grip tires front and rear
King titanium bottle cage
CamelBak 22oz Podium bottle

Have you ridden a Ripley?

Join me for a quick spin down Double Down trail over at Chuckanut during some unusually wet conditions earlier this winter- link to my YouTube in bio!

Generally we can ride year round here. We did get one particularly strong deluge of rain in mid January. I hadn’t been able to ride for a couple weeks due to my wife’s broken arm (I changed every diaper for quite a while there!) and finally had the chance to sneak in a quick ride.

I didn’t realize it had been built up so much since I’d last gone down it (2015). The built up trails don’t normally handle the water as well as the more natural stuff.

Given the weeks of no bike, with some additional time off due to the flu, and cabin fever won. I’ll likely delete this video in a few weeks, but I’m curious if the YouTube bunching strategy works, so I’ll leave it up for at least a week and see if it gets any traffic.

Enjoy (for now!)!

Was I able to ride this no hander out?! Update to the Mojo 3 Bike build vlog is live now on my YouTube, link in bio!

This week I get the bike into the jumps and do a few little tricks. The set up had been changed only slightly from Vlog 2, but I start to jump through a few hoops in order to install a heftier rear damper!

How do you have your Mojo 3 set up? 🎥 @loganpatricknelson

I’ve been chatting with @jordanboostmaster for a long while about a YouTube collaboration, and we finally made it happen! Link in bio!

We rode some trails in Mission, BC that Jordan has been to previously, and they were pretty cool! It was darn cold out, and the lake at the base of the mountain was frozen over. Brrrr!

Link in bio to see my vid, and check out Jordan’s YouTube to see his perspective of our ride!

Evolution is now one of the most iconic trails on Galbraith, and for good reason- it not only rips, but it has a little bit of everything!

From the succession of proportionately sized hip jumps at the beginning, to the long wooden bridge and following drop, to the well sized gaps and berms at the bottom, every time I go down Evo I think to myself “Wow! I should really ride that more often!” The flow is real.

As of last night, the snow is still fairly substantial at the top of the trail. I was hoping it’d offer good grip, but was still pretty slippery. The first time I broke my pelvis, it was on an icy spot that led into a rock garden. My bike started sliding sideways and that sent me into the rocks perpendicular to the trail, causing a big high side right into the rubble. Ever since that wreck, over 10 years ago, I’ve been a little hesitant to send it too hard when conditions can hide icy patches.

Do you enjoy riding in the snow, or does it sketch you out?

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