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Jefferson Bethke  Husband to @alyssajoybethke. Living on Maui. Author of 'Love That Lasts' and 'Jesus > Religion'


So Alyssa and I stopped by a north Dallas Barnes & Noble to sign some books on our way home from Magnolia tonight. We also put three $20 gift cards in the stack so anyone who can’t afford it can still come by and snag a copy on us. I put the address in the location tag and also on my story. They close in 10 minutes so I’m sure they’ll all still be there when they open in the morning. We love y’all! The people of Texas have been so kind to us.

Guys. We are living Alyssa’s dream here in Texas. Last night at Hertz, the lady said “we are out of your class of rental car. We want to upgrade y’all for free. You want an F150?” to which Alyssa answered immediately “yes! I’ve wanted to my whole life!” 😂 and she’s the one actually driving this trip because I lost my wallet a few weeks ago and she’s absolutely loving it. She even asked me to take a picture of her by it before lunch today. And now we are using that car to road trip to Waco to stop by Magnolia Market. So basically Alyssa is living her best life now 😂 #weusuallydriveaminivan

That face you make when you’re doing a meetup tomorrow in the LA area and we get to hangout with you guys! Or the face you make when you are having fun in the Warby Parker store 😂 but we are for reals doing a meetup tomorrow in LA. 11am. Aidan’s Place Park (so parents can bring their kids). We will be hanging, saying hi, and just meeting y’all. Feel free to buy a book somewhere before coming and bring it if you want us to sign it. More detailed pictures and maps on my instastory 🤙🏼 see y’all tomorrow!

Going to miss these two little ones so much this week! But we had a fun last day painting our pumpkins and doing our best to get ready for “fall” in Maui 😂 Excited though to travel to a few different places with Alyssa to talk about our hearts behind Love That Lasts. And we are so thankful for Oma & Opa for watching our little ones!

I first saw her picture on a friend’s fridge, and I believe my exact words were “dang that girl is cute, I want to get at her” 😑😂 I then met her at a wedding 7 days before she left to Maui for two years which meant the entire beginning of our relationship was long distance. After dating, then breaking up, then dating again I asked her to marry me and she said yes (this pic is from our engagement btw), and tomorrow marks exactly five years since the day we said I do. And that’s our #3sentencelovestory (thanks @jeremyroloff & @audreyroloff for the fun amazing idea!). So here’s the Instagram giveaway for today. Post your OWN picture on your own profile with your 3 sentence love story along with two hashtags, #3sentencelovestory & #lovethatlastsbook, and we will pick 5 of our favorite (ones that make us cry, laugh hysterically, etc) tomorrow night and send the winners signed copy of Love That Lasts. NOTE: putting your story in the comment section of this picture does not qualify and we won’t be picking winners from there. Love y’all! Can’t wait to read your guys stories!!

FREAKOUT MOMENT! There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like seeing something you wrote on the shelf at a bookstore for the first time. And today was that day for #lovethatlastsbook. What a special moment and it was so fun to be together as a family for it. And they had it on the front table new release table which is a big deal for a Christian book. Speechless. PS for those who care, we signed all the copies if you’re in Maui and want to pick one up. Anyone else see the book out in the wild yet at an actual store? Should be at Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Lifeway and more.

GIVEAWAY NUMBER 2!! An Echo Dot + Love That Lasts. Tag 3 friends who you trust to ask Alexa to play good music 😂 and we’ll pick the winner late tonight! And stay tuned tomorrow for another giveaway 😎 #lovethatlastsbook

GIVEAWAY TIME! 3 of our books SIGNED + Apolis Market Bag + our friend’s amazing relationship journal (Navigator’s Council). Tag 3 friends who you will share these books with and we will pick a winner tonight. Love y’all! PS we are doing a giveaway of different things each day this week to celebrate launch week. Come back tomorrow for another!

Surreal moment to think that this book (which we’ve worked on for 3 years) is out to the world now as of today. I’m so stinkin proud of this book and the final iteration of it. We poured every ounce of truth, story, grace, and vulnerability we had into it. I hope it blesses you. Quick poll: anyone get their copy yet? Did your copy come early? What’s been your favorite section or chapter so far (and don’t worry, I already know everyone is going to answer Alyssa’s chapters because, well, she’s a BOSS and killed it!)? Stay tuned for fun giveaways this week too. We appreciate you all so much!! #lovethatlastsbook

You haven’t experienced a true fair until you’ve experienced Maui’s fair in all its glory 😂 Truly my favorite fair experience and I think Kinsley’s face would agree.

TWO. MORE. DAYS. Until this is out into the wild. PS that means only 48 more hours to get free stuff (companion workbook, 12 Video marriage mentor e-course, and more) when you order and send us your receipt at lovethatlasts.co/book. Link in profile. Love y’all and stoked for Tuesday.

You ever have those moments where you’ve had a dream for a long time and then all of a sudden it’s a reality? That’s how Alyssa and I felt this last week hosting our first Love That Lasts Marriage Retreat. It was a day and a half of learning, listening, growing, having fun, and meeting other awesome couples. Also we got to invite and learn from these married legends, who we’d also count as dear friends, Korie and Willie, and Craig and Jeanette. What a privilege it was to hear from them and glean from their beautiful and amazing and faithful marriages and families. PS who says we should do it again sometime? 🙋🏻‍♂️ already thinking of ways to do it again and take it to the next level next year... #lovethatlastsmaui #lovethatlastsbook

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