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Somebody was creeping in my root picture

We saw some cool fungi too. Swipe to see some more

We went for a hike today, and right off the bat there were a bunch banana slugs so we started counting them and ended up counting 416 in a 2 mile stretch

Please read. I DID NOT WRITE THIS! but I thought it was pretty poignant #Repost
There seems to be an uptick lately in Trump supporters claiming to be 'Real Americans.' And that the rest of us are chopped liver..people who don't even belong in this country. It may seem extremist and relatively harmless at first glance but not so long ago so was the idea of a Trump presidency, and so I pause to wonder.. what IS a real American and why do Trump supporters think that they are the prime example of what a true patriot looks like? I think first I have ask myself if they are right? Regardless of whether or not they have made a viable case against my citizenship I wonder if their concept of what it means to be a 'real American' is accurate? .. I mean.. Do 'real Americans' think Russia, a hostile foreign government, is our friend? Do real Americans think that only the wealthy should be able to afford healthcare, the rest of us can just die already? Do real Americans champion the demise of environmental regulations and cheer the onset of filthy water and polluted air? Do real Americans want to be able to be openly racist? Do real Americans want to be able to commit hate crimes against our Muslim brothers and sisters? Do real Americans think that Love is only between a man and a women and that hate is an appropriate response to same sex relationships? Do real Americans think we should have a multi billion dollar arms deal with the country that trained and armed the terrorists who attacked the USA on 9/11? Do real Americans think we should align our nation's interests with leaders like the one highlighted in this tweet, the Philippines' president Duerte who encouraged his soldiers to rape women? Do real Americans think it's okay for politicians to assault journalists and intimidate the free press? I wonder.. what is a real American? I would be curious to hear what do you all think? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

A couple more views of this cock.

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