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Jeff Rojas  Yoga teacher, fitness instructor,music enthusiast and wanna be DJ.


I got my early bird ticket yesterday for WL Oahu. This will be my 4th year. It never gets boring. I'll be going right about when I finish my 300hr TT. Yoga,music and paradise... I love the @wanderlustfest experience!
If there are any Ommies going let me know. I may have a discount for air fare on HA.
#wanderlustoahu2018 #wanderlustyoga #turtlebayresort #ilovemylife #yogaeveryblessedday

I don't have to attend lectures this weekend so this Saturday I get to teach another edition of Beats,Breathe and Bliss C2 4pm at CPY Redondo.
#beatsbreatheandbliss #yogaeveryblessedday #alwaysthestudent

Another Weds night of in-depth lecture on the Upanishads. I've read the Katha Upanishad before and feel I have a good grasp on it. It was nice to hear a nice and detailed summary from someone with deep understanding. We also did a great exercise that applied this wisdom to daily life.
#300HrTT #ilovemylife #getenlightenedordietrying

I really hope I get a chance to attend one of his lecture/classes again. He is an inspiration to me! .
#yogaeveryblessedday #teacherwisdom #yogateachertips

Time to start planning. Oahu here I come!!!

300hr TT is quite intense and time consuming. Every day I do something related my TT whether it's homework, taking my mentor's classes, mentor meetings, assisting my mentor's classes and attending workshops. The good thing is that I am on this journey with this wonderful group.
#ilovemylife #yogaworkstt #yogaeverday

Yeah... I and my Ommie Hayley were rocking out the grasshopper pose to a captive audience.
#armbalanceaddict #300hrTT #funasana

I see an attentive student in this group.

Our back bending workshop with Thomas was super informative. I learned a few new things to add to my yoga toolbox! I feel so fortunate to be learning from masters. I don't think any of our teachers/lecturers are under 40. It's nice to get taught in depth yoga knowledge from a perspective of life experiences.
#learningalways #ilovemylife #300hryogateachertraining

Took time to do some shopping at Whole Foods before assisting my mentor's class. No... I didn't eat anything from the pastry station.

"Therefore, be absorbed in yoga, for yoga is skillfulness in action". - 2:50 Bhagavad Gita
A lot of folks believe that doing yoga only involves an expensive anti-microbial mat, $100+ outfit, doing IG worthy poses and vinyasa flowing to Odesza.
Yoga is a practice of the mind. You may not believe this but while I am lifting weights I am working on my breathing techniques (pranayama) while keeping my mind focused.
In fact, the Bhagavad Gita talks about being absorbed in yoga while eating or even in recreation. I don't know if this applies to having goats in your yoga class though.
#yogaeverywhere #realself

How we transition out of one posture to another is important. It is these moments of transition where we can become distracted and prone to injury. It can also be an uncomfortable experience. Smooth transitions require focus and understanding of what muscles to engage. You need to know your body/yourself.
Life works the same way. We all go through life transitions and sometimes we get distracted, uncomfortable and become unaware that there are destinations we are meant to get to. However, we do our best by being calm while using our resources properly. And yes, we need to know who we are.
My life is in transition right now and there are times it does become uncomfortable. I've had to tune out a lot of distractions and sometimes these distractions have been people. I'm working full time, teaching part time and attending one of the coolest and informative 300hr TTs. With all that going on, there is very little room for anything else.
It sounds grueling but I wouldn't have it any other way. That's how I roll.
Special shout out to @lilaleeyoga for being a great friend through my yoga journey and to @gigi_snyder my 300hr mentor who I am learning so much from.
#yogaeveryday #trueself #lifetransitions

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