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jed mildon  Nitro Circus helps me be me! New Zealand is my land, the world is my home! It will always be today! So send it! @franklinfarmnz @onnit @nitrocircus

Mega Dirt Worlds, end of October @franklinfarmnz | The added bonus of this set is every trick on the first jump is a world record πŸ™Š πŸŽ₯ - @bdixonb #bmx #mtb #fmx #sidebyside #worldfirst #haha

The circle of life. Something so simple brings so much pleasure. Plant more. Clean up. Give back. Give respect. Be response-able.

Mega Dirt Worlds. Going down midd to late October. Dates will be confirmed in the next week. Any one that wants to be involved hit me up. @franklinfarmnz #sendit #getit #megadirtworlds

100% organic back yard broccoli on point πŸ‘Œ something so simple brings so much joy.

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@onnit @drinkarepa @hempfarmnz

My fav trick on my new fav ramp. I love you @nitrocircus swipe ➑️ to see where u can see this ramp live near you ❀️

My girl friend posted this this morning, I read it then I mediated for half an hour and this came to me - as a BMX rider we live a lot of our lives in a meditation like flow state. They say it takes 10,000 hours to be pro in your chosen field. That's a long time growing up being present. When we ride we are totally immersed in the now same as meditation. So when we get older and not riding as much those flow style meditation states become less. So we are more susceptible to out side interference or influence due to our lack of presence and the un loved monkey mind. When we are in that state the magic happens. Like the life I'm living now. I carry on that magic now daily when I meditate. The purpose of mediation is to have you present. If your inner world is in tact your outer world reflects. Maybe all these mental illnesses can be cured by cleaning up our minds. Remembering the simplicity of practices like yoga and meditation. #flowstate #love #meditation #learning #practicing #sendit

Smoke em if you got em. Thanks boys for the epic sessions this week & @nitrocircus for this new #YouGotThis tour mega box jump. πŸ“Έ - @johnbuultjens πŸ™Œ

@47 @ninjazgloves @love.and.rebel @onnit @drinkarepa @franklinfarmnz @scgshoes @hempfarmnzltd_
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Nitro YouGotThis Tour 'training' with the boys. Thanks @nitrocircus @ninjazgloves @47 @scgshoes @ethika @love.and.rebel for keeping me fresh & @mike_laird for the game changing titanium frame - been running ti since October and highly recommend them. I'm 90kg and it holds me fine. So ti is the now. If you got couple spear thousand dollars to put back into your love, do it. πŸ“Έ- @scootercooper πŸ™Œ | #love #bmxlife #bmx #travel |

#throwbackthursday - blessed in Soweto Johannesburg to meet, hang with and experience the locals. So lucky. So grateful, thank you @nitrocircus for this dream life ❀️🌹

Simplify life, kick back, breath consciously often, then enjoy the real you, the be ing.

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#fbf - 25years ago πŸ˜‚

Back yard BBQ with the plum trees wood that fell down last year | #love #fresh #trout #backyard #bbq #sendit

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