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Maricela Olivas  "Its not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me" -Batman.

-Just Finished Watching
Spider-Man Homecoming !!!!!! And oh my God it was sooooo Good and Awesome. Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker and
Spider-Man I loved it so much it is freakin amazing I wanna watch It again ,oh I've always loved Spider-Man and everything he stands for and was so excited to see this one and it blew my mind, and his Suit😱😱😱 lol it was so Awesome β€β€β€πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™.

-Soooooo excited to see
Spider-man Homecoming, one of my favorite marvel superheros from the beginning, ive always loved and cherished Peter & his character, can't believe its finanly here!!!!!!!❀😊.

-Had The Best Time at Knott's Berry Farm ❀🎒😊(even though I look like a creeper around snoopy haha, it's all good).

-Ghost Rider is the best ride at knotts berry Hand down!!!🎒🎒 😊.

-Knott's Berry Farm πŸŽ’β€πŸ˜†.

-Mission Bay 🎒🌊🌊

-Had A fun Time at The Beach Today with my fam❀🏊🌊, Just getting to be in places like this and seeing the ocean shows me how wonderful Gods Masterpiece is, so beautiful and peaceful, this is why I've always loved the ocean, because Jesus love us more then the ocean how amazing ❀.

-Just finished watching Transformers The Last Knight And I swearrrrrrr it was so EPIC!!!!!!!!! I freakin Loved it and it was so emotional for me because how much I hold these movies to my heart And Optimus Prime oh man there's a reason I love him so much ever since I was 10 and saw the first one and prime on the Big screen it changed my life .It was so Awesome !!!!

-I am Sooooooooooo Freakin Excited to see Transformers Tonight!!!! This is the movie that changed my life and got me into everything action and geeky I rememeber being 10 and watching this in the theatre and just being in AW about everything seeing optimus prime transform and bee and it was just awesome for me. And after that I was so obssessed with It I would watch It everyday all day,nobody was as geeky as I was lol and guess what I still am Obsessed and in love with freakin Transformers !!!!!Transformers has a special place in my heart snd will always be my thing & number one favorite movie!!!!.

-Oh Man ,Oh Man. Thank you so much Mr.Adam West for everything, the Batman Lives on forever❀😒.

-Just finished watching
The Mummy !!!!!! And it was Awesome I loved it so much and saw a little blast from the past that made me tear lol it was sooo good❀❀❀.

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