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Maricela Olivas  "Its not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me" -Batman.

- Freakin Amazing💜👏👏.

-Just Finished watching Black Panther and Oh My God it was so Freaking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Job Marvel👏👏👏💜💜💜!!!!!!!!.


-Deadpool 2 May 18th Whohooo!!!!💀💩L
I'm lucky all of them are coming out on My birthday month 😁

-He'll Freakin Yes!!!!!!!😱😱😱❤❤❤
I swear I teared seeing this!!!!

-Had a fun day celebrating my neices , and family members birthday❤❤❤.

- Had a Fun night in my what looks like Chinese attire lol😂❤ (don't mind the hole in the wall).

-Finally got to see Coco, went with my nana and niece and it is such a good cute movie

-Happy 25th Anniversy of Jurassic Park!!!!.❤

-Happy New Year❤🎉🥂🍾.

-Happy New Year's Eve❤🎉🥂🍾!!!.

-Yes!!! Thankyou @terrisavellefoy ❤ My dreams are huge but God gave them to me for a reason.

-Happy 95th Birthday to the Legend Himself, My hero, @therealstanlee ❤❤❤.

-One year since our princess joined the force, her legacy will live on forever ❤❤❤.

-Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas❤🎄🎁, had a great day with all my family❤.

-Merry Christmas🎄🎁, let's remember the true meaning of today the birth of Jesus Christ❤❤❤.

-Brownies Paw Ortamnet I made for him❤❤❤😭😭😭🐶🐶🐶.

-Happy 65th Birthday to My Beautiful nana Geneivieve, whom i love so much she is my 2nd mom, she does so much for me , and is the only person in the world who understands me(& brownie lol). Love you Nana, you're the best❤❤❤🎁🎁🎁.

-Just Finished watching Star Wars The Last Jedi, and all I can say is Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭❤❤❤😱😱😱.

-Happy 3rd Birthday to My Baby niece Melaya
Can't believe she is already 3 years old, how fast❤❤❤😢🎁. Love you my Rose🌷

-Yesss!!!!!😁😁😁 I'm so excited to see Star Wars tommorow❤❤❤❤!!!!!!!!.

-2 More Days 😁😁😁😁Yesssss!!!!!!!!!

-Oh My Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They better not kill these damn Dinosaurs😭😱😱.
Dr.malcom is back yes!!!!

-Freakin Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

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