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Jean  PhD researcher in Classics. 26. Video Creator. Writer. Socialist. Feminist. Wannabe Dragon.

Today I stand in solidarity with all those in Ireland voting to #repealthe8th and support women’s right to safe, legal abortions in their own country. The campaign for a woman’s right to choose has a long history world wide and it angers and saddens me that so many are still denied the right to bodily autonomy and even where the laws allow for abortion this right is constantly under threat. The struggle for abortion rights are not history, they continue today and those voting today to repeal the 8th amendment are making a stand for all of us as much as we can make a stand in support of them! #westandtogether

My mum made this beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden to give to her cousin. I feel like this is far superior to anything we could have bought from the supermarket 😍 💐 #flowers #gardener #bouquet

My mum sent me this picture at the weekend. That’s me with my dad and my grandad in my granny’s garden (both named John). I remember regularly spending summers watching them both trim the hedges in the garden in the sunshine and being utterly unhelpful. They’re both gone now and it hurts a lot but looking at this photo also reminds me how lucky I was to have both of them in my life. My granny and grandad’s story always amuses me actually so I thought I’d share it. They grew up on the same street and courted in their late teens. After a while, however, my granny’s mum said ‘you’ll have to let that boy go if he’s not going to propose to you’ so she did. Little did she know he actually had an engagement ring for her that he never got to use. After that they went their separate ways and my grandad joined the RAF during WW2. They both married other people and had children. It all worked out because my mum was born and although I never met him her dad sounds wonderful and I’m sure I would have loved him too. When they were both in their sixties/seventies their spouses passed away and they eventually sought each other out. They never lived together but they spent every day of the rest of my granny’s life together. This all happened a few years before I was born and I grew up with John (photographed) as my granddad all my life and he was a wonderful grandad.

Penguins classics really did nail it with their mini classics and moderns. #bookstagram #instabook #penguinclassics #bookspines

The sunshine was perhaps too glorious yesterday - it turned us into ghosts. I had a wonderful time yesterday though, love these women to bits ❤️ happy birthday @jess_lu_mac 😘 #summertime #summerbbq

Celebrating @jess_lu_mac birthday in the sun with @jill.scott.9 ❤️ #summerselfie

I love these 1960s Penguin Play editions - I want them to bring them back into print with the same funky covers aha. #bookstagram #vintagebooks #instabook #beautifulcover #vintagepenguin

Pink hair was fun but I’ll always come back to blonde 💁🏼‍♀️ #blondehair

🆘 Serious issue: we’re running out of bookshelf space 😶 - I wonder if I can fit another one in my bedroom... #bookstagram #bookshelf #bookcase #shelfie #bookworm

I’m currently writing a chapter of my thesis and I cannot put into words how exasperating it is to still read journal articles by academics, with doctorates and publications to their name, that are rife with sexism. In my short time in academia I have already met with men in my field who respond to my work with ‘oh of course you’re studying women’ - they laugh as if it’s such a cliche that a woman would be studying gender and as if it’s of less scholarly importance than whatever they’re working on. Well listen to me now. I’m researching women because ‘shockingly’ the decades of upper class, male dominated scholarship on antiquity have only bothered to study upper class men. When women are discussed in scholarship from the 20th century there is shocking levels of sexist assumptions in these articles that equals bad scholarship. Don’t blame me if you made the gaps in scholarship and I’ve come along to attempt to do these ancient people some justice. #academia #phdlife #bookstagram #studygram

New books... it’s like they’re breeding. #bookhaul #bookworm #bookstagram #instabook

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