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Jean Anne  I love my kids, nieces & nephews, my animals & my dreams. They saved my life & I'm so grateful.

Playing fetch with the kid while the dog and cat watch. LMAO.

Our beautiful old Tara the fat tailed gecko and Zeus the tortoise. They're my babies.

Poor Frankie. We are doing Easter today so I made pancake and eggs for breakfast and she touched the flattop on the stove. So all day even through hanging for eggs she's had a cup of ice water to stop the pain.
I don't want to take it from her but she's soaked the whole house lol.

So this is going down. 150 eggs for three kids lol #happyeaster

#sausageandpeppers over rice. Never gets old 😋

I love big ass pots of #spaghetti !

Happy 4th birthday my sweet sassy girl. ❤ sleep tight in your new bunny rabbit Jammie's.

Awe ❤ Ariana has the same issue Dave had. Either tooth growing behind her baby tooth.
My kids just don't like to let go of their baby teeth.

Celebrating Frankie's B-Day today and starting it off with cinnamon vanilla pancakes and eggs 😋 the big 4

My simple tooth extraction turned into a two hour surgery 😭 see that bright red piece at the top of the pic? That's my bone! He removed 3 pieces like that.
The tooth fused to my jaw bone
Top it off with 6 stitches.

Is it bad as a mom to smile everytime your kid comes up to you pouting? She has the best poutie face #sadface it's so damn #cute

Hot days on the beach are our favorites ❤

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