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only things that make me smile? pasta & dennis

today, i am manifesting greatness and gratitude. i affirm that all i’ve done has been an incredible, humbling journey, and i am in absolute awe of how far i’ve come. my metaphors transcend the light that’s needed to grow, and i am blossoming via words. my books are the result. 🥀 pulchritude and soul was the first book i published when i was in tenth grade, and it’s forever changed my life and the lives of many others. i don’t know where i’d be without writing. i just know that i am so grateful to have found it when i did. #poetrysavedme

“and after all the abuse,⁣
it is an absolute honor⁣⁣⁣
to love⁣⁣⁣
and to be loved back.”⁣⁣
— excerpt from my upcoming book, Loud Noises & Men’s Voices. ⁣⁣

and there is no debate —⁣
she who harbors humanity ⁣
should control her own fate. ⁣

in midst of election day, i just thought i should remind the wrinkly old white men in congress wtf is good. y’all gonna #vote?⁣

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she is of stardust & glory... (from a poem i’m currently working on)

meet my new book — Loud Noises & Men’s Voices.⁣

(for those of you who are wondering, loud noises and men’s voices are two of my biggest triggers)⁣

in my upcoming collection of poetry, i focus on my identity. unlike my first two books, im finally making amends. with myself. with my abusers (kinda). with my body. with all the chemical imbalances in my brain. with who i am. in this very introspective work, i truly delve into the darkest corners of my mind while thrusting my recovery, realization and resilience into the light. i also go in-depth about my struggle identifying as a Latina woman while being white passing + how having my dominican culture stripped from me by my father (and others) has put me into constant internal turmoil. there’s talk about generational trauma, those nights in the hospital, deception, ptsd/bpd/mdd, forgiving, and accepting my past. ⁣

with this book — i put my demons to rest. ⁣

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Cerberus is happy today. 🎃 (stop crossing the street when you see Kali. he just wants to play).

Luis Carruthers: Patrick, where did you get that overnight bag?⁣

Patrick Bateman: [Throws dead body in the trunk and slams it] Jean Paul Gaultier.

My girls absolutely KILLED it at @bowerypoetry tonight! Shout out to @genreurbanarts for putting together yet another amazing event! If you want to see any of their spoken word, its live on @wide.eyes.publishing :) •

I would also like to introduce y’all to @wide.eyes.publishing ‘s newest member... @ty.zeanah.poetry! Can’t wait to see what we’ll create together. 👁❤️

just reminiscing about roots. the birth of this book was painful and immense. what you don’t know about writers, is that when we write about our trauma, we don’t just write it once. we need to reread what we’ve written, not only until we feel that it’s perfect and depicts the situation to its deservance, but to edit it, pick it apart, and to decide if it’s something we want our readers to know about our lives. we relive that trauma every. single. time. and when you dedicate your book to your trauma as a whole — you subject yourself to a lot of hurt. roots took me two years to write because of this. it’s also a very big reason why i’m unable to do spoken word — and i commend those who do it, because i can’t even read my work to myself without triggering a ptsd related episode. however, as much as writing roots has hurt me, it’s the only way i know how to grow. it’s the only method of recovery i’ve ever used since i was first admitted to the hospital after my suicide attempt. this is a craft of not only pain, but of immense healing and much needed self reflection as well. i’ve been working on the extended edition for months now, trying to perfect my authors note and toying around with new elements to add to roots — it’s taking me so long because i’ve fell in love with the craft again, and i want to show that to my readers who’ve followed me on my journey since Pulchritude and Soul, (and my new ones too) that i appreciate them as much as i do the art of writing itself. you allow me to pursue this relentlessly. your support, your love, your push to do better — has shoved me over the edge of comfortability and thrusted me into a space where i only wish to be vulnerable when i am alone with my pen. where i only wish to be truthful, raw and never complacent with the norms of poetry nowadays (see @wide.eyes.publishing for more details 💀) this is the only vessel that allows me to heal. this is the only community that uplifts and inspires me to uplift as well. so much good has come out of writing. poetry. and reliving this pain — has been worth it, as and its evolution has only created closure. love. and healing. so thank you. as you can see i’ve been in my bag.

forgot to post from @wide.eyes.publishing ‘s launch party...

i haven’t posted poetry in awhile, so i’ll give you guys a light one to ease you back into my darkness. ⁣

i haven’t been as active on here *not only* because of @wide.eyes.publishing, @selfpublishtoday & @communityofpoetry, but also because i decided to release a new book. ⁣

very soon. and it’s not palm printed vigor! ⁣

i’ve decided to publish a more introspective work that dives deep into my triggers, childhood trauma and the mental illnesses that i struggle with on a daily basis.⁣

this book will be called “Loud Noises & Men’s Voices” and is expected to be released in December/January. ⁣

i felt wanted to release this before PPV because i have yet to explain myself. and reveal my true self as a writer. there’s a hell of a lot to come. you ready?⁣

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