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Keith Keiser  Real girls get it done, anime girls do it better. Team Sun⭐Works / Waifu Warriors VIP


I've said it once but I forgot how long ago that was so imma say it again - if I have pissed you off in the past, you can stay mad and sad and I'm gonna stay being successful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So calm your ass down, give me the time and patience I've asked for, and let me do me because if I've proven you wrong at least once so far then the next thing on my list is to fuck your daughter, and if you keep playing around I might fuck your wife. Good day ✌

When I pull up she in slow motion while she run to me,
I don't give no fuck about none of you boys,
you won't be seen with me,
You rappers talking shit but you still wanna feature me!

Doing it harder better faster stronger.
📷 @theycallmeaj

"I'm ramming through the industry breaking everything I see, I don't give a fuck about who mad, ain't no destroying me,
I could go like this, like that, one time and get you off of me"

Had a bad dream last night that Char got flooded with water like up to the ceiling which led to me waking up at 4:30 AM. 😅 shit was bad.
Just in case anything happens in the future I think I need to just start looking at FA5s and FC2s right now, not like shopping for a quote but I'm gonna see what they're going for currently. That might be a little too apples to oranges but both have their own upsides.

I don't say that I'm the best, I just tell 'em that I'm SESH, break my neck, fuck a check, bitch I do it like I'm hexed

If everything I'm doing right now pays off in 12 months, I would be so grateful. I've never been more tired in my life lol... or maybe I just haven't worked hard enough until now.

I'm a mack, not a player I can teach her shit, only if she got a brain will I deal with it

Well that was some shit 😅
Seems apparent to me that currently we are now in what's considered the winter anime season. At the moment it looks like there's really only two shows for the picking, Citrus and Yuru Camp.
I got to see a few 30 second clips of each and straight off the bat yeah I actually don't fuck with Citrus. The hell was that first episode.

Same shit, different chapter, AR make you scatter, bullets fly, ain't you pastor?
Pass me the blunt cause your life don't matter 💀

Body counts only count if somebody's dead.

Matte black trench coat with the razor straight, make ya drop and give me 20 like Major Payne

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