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Keith Keiser  #HollowSquad 🏁 Waifu Warriors VIP | anime girls do it better

Stop being so cute god damn it. Damn this car.
I've fallen in love and I can't get up.

Out of bed currently; now wishing a very happy birthday today to another member of FLATxCHESTxGANG πŸŽ‚

Good point.

Real hentai hours with the harem?

I know exactly what show I'm gonna stay up until 1 AM watching tonight βœ”

Jesus christ this though. Saber is definitely a mother I'd like to friend 😍🍦
I'm sorry but there's like over a million and one thoughts going through my head over how precious this is

Love this guy so much πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Waifu Warriors VIP @wetdreams.moe holdin' it down

I don't even know why [thicc] Cecilia is so embarassed but [smol] Rin seems happy to see me πŸ’€

"I pull out three blunts lit up, then roll some more because I want,
Haters can't get what they want, they mad cus they can't chill with us,
Little boy can't come near to us, the pressure is too furious,
She say I'm too dear to her but I forgot about who she was,
All my niggas pulling up so deep you can't do nothing to us, switch it back to me, I'm sitting back cause they don't bother us"

Something about this picture literally moves me.

I'm gonna be pretty sad once this thing is gone (as in the camera car this picture was taken from - Charlotte is definitely not for sale lmao)


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