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JD  Love your journey! Do what you do!

Exhausted but can’t sleep...shenanigans! #IdowhatIwant except when it comes to sleeping! 🤬 #mycriptonite

Can’t sleep! #Godjokes Sooo here are more photos! I went alone but I acquired a travel wife who saved me from dying of toothacheitous disease, quite a few friends, a niece, 2 Chinese mistresses, a redneck bff, 1 gay boyfriend, all the pineapple I can eat, a feisty latin, a traveling expert, a taste for shitty beer, 2 small white children and 2 sisters to annoy the the hell out of me and hate on my gangsta. However, my real sisters don’t do that! Anyway, one of them did save me from freezing to deathitous disease though, lol! It would have been easier to say a bunch of new friends buuuuuut 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾#IdowhatIwant 💯 #DowhatyouDo #grandbuddha #china2018

China was amazing! I’m exhausted so going through my photos will be postponed lol! Here are a few! There is no way to summarize the trip! 10 day jam packed with new personalities,information, emotions, adventures, food, music, culture and new experiences! #everevolving #IdowhatIwant #DowhatyouDo #adventure #growth

When you’re bored but then you remember that you’re silly as hell so you’re never bored! #IdowhatIwant

Just saying! #foxnews is crazy! It literally feels like it should be illegal. No news or politician should be fully trusted but FOXNews should be shut down! #IdowhatIwant

Watching Woody Woodpecker!

Saturday night Shenanigans #sanjose start now...well shower, then now!

When you are not the biggest guy on the plane!

Lil bit chilly in SJ. New coat was necessary!

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