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Jd Hungerford  19, Eagle Scout. Knives, Rings, Woodturnings. Five years apprenticing for a cabinet maker. JDCUSTOMKNIVES@GMAIL.COM Books are open.


Heres some pictures of my first forged file knife, first hamon, first wood sheath, first handle wrap, first everything really.

Finally decided to give this blade the finish it needs. 400 grit right now. I wish i had finished it properly before a handle. That hamon is going to be gorgeous.

Cut test with that large chopper. I put a ton of force into this thinking it would be hard, and ended up nailing my leg with the pommel. Felt like cutting air.

Throwback to my first folder. She came back for a little clean up and sharpening. 1095 blade with mahogany scales, stainless liners and pivot, and inconel pins.

Special project coming up. Once i have a couple made solid ill be looking to do a small batch. Keep an eye out for pre orders in a few months. Im aiming for w2/1095 blades with a hamon, inconel hardware, and stainless liners with wood/composite scales.

Copper, locust, and 1095

Orders closing! As of January 15th i will no longer be accepting custom orders. Everything will be pre made and listed for sale both here and on fb. I simply dont have time to chase down all the weird requests i get. If you would like a custom made piece, you have 14 days left to order!

My big project this year. Forged 5160 blade, forged/textured/blued guards, and burned maple handle with an inconel tang retention pin.
Ill entertain private offers. I have 300+ in material and 100+ hours in this piece.

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Last knife of 2017. This piece sums up my skills built this year very well. Very proud of this piece.
Forged 5160 steel
Textured and blued guard and pomel
Burned maple handle
Inconel retention pin on the tang

#knife #blade #knifesmith #bladesmith #cooking #chef #chefsknife #baking #edc #hunt #hunter #hunting #camp #camping #handmade #handcrafted #wood #steel #carbonsteel #knifelife

Heres my best nine this year. Im amazed every year at what you guys like more than everything else.

Matching pair of kitchen knives out of heat treat and tempering. 1095 high carbon steel, skates a file.

Huge thank you to mastersmith and FiF champion Ray Smith @bladesmith3739 for getting me set up with a nice oven. Check out his work, he makes some very detailed pieces.

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