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Justin Bieber  ❞ A girl could be sitting on her computer, trying to get noticed by me. And not knowing she's the future mrs. Bieber ❞

@justinbieber I want to tell you something, I do not know if you will ever read this, or you will ever know that I exist but I wanted to tell you that you are great. You gave me the strength to continue, you gave me the power to continue with my life. You helped me a lot these past months. I am very grateful for that. You saved my life. The past few months were quite heavy for me. I had no real friends at all, I can't be myself in school, I felt alone. But through you I did not feel alone anymore, I felt like somebody cared about me, you are my everything, you are my world, if you didn't excist I do not know where I was now. I know that many people say that to you but thank you, really for everything. Your music really helped me a lot, I also see myself in your songs a lot if you understand what I mean.
You are great
God bless you

Lots of love Esther

I came to the desision to quit for a while with this fanpage.. Its not about the comment, likes and the followers, i Just dont feel good, Im not myself.. the real me is really hyper, happy, isn't afraid to tell her opinion, tells what's comes into her mind, She is not afraid to say what's in her mind, but i am right now NOT this person, i am not me, i can't make my dreams come true.. i Just need Some time off, i got to figure out how i can be me, how i can be confident in myself. I need to be honest with all of you, i am not happy with the person i am today, i want to change myself, i want to change my hair, my body, my style, i want to change everything. i want to be confident, you know? Do you ever get the feeling your not good enough? Well i have that feeling all the time, i aint good enough, sometimes i have the question why am i on this planet? Where am i here for? I am Just useless, i dont have any talent. I am not pretty, i am Just an ugly girl who is afraid to say something, that's always scared and her dreams will never come true.
My dream is to become a model, but i am too ugly for that. My dream is to travel the whole world but i dont have the money for that. My parents always Say that my dreams are impossible, but i want them to show that i can reach that! But I JUST NEED SOME HELP!! I dont know Where to start!!!! Im sorry that i bother you with this, i Just feel alone.. i have only good internet friends, who i can really trust.
I Just need Some help,
I dont know why i am telling you all of this. But i Just feel that i can trust the belieber family. You all are so amazing, sweet, kind, loyal, pretty and so much more! *MY DM'S ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! SO JUST DM ME*

I love all of you❤️ Thank you for listening to me.
I really appreciate that.
I'll see you soon💕
I love you

Y'all i need to tell you something.. the last few weeks are Y'all so unactive it used to be so active and now i get maybe 40 likes and 0 comments, before it was 150 likes and 10 comments i know it isn't about the likes and the comments but it Just feels like somebody sees it you know? I dont know if i quit or not or maybe i Just start all over with another page that's called @deswacito , this page (@jdbiieber) Will NOT get deleted. I Just want to start over because about that ya know? All them active people please go follow @deswacito ❤️ i love you all, i still Will be active

(Tag beliebers) I see phones everywhere, Just look at them phones... why phones? You finally see him in real life and not through a screen and then you need to film everyting but you know? Everybody is filming it and taking pictures so you have enough, and isnt it the most beautiful just to keep it as a picture or as a video in your mind? Because that video of that picture you will never be able to delete. so please just leave that phone home or in your pocket or in your bag and just enjoy the show, and not through a stupid screen..

I'm officially broken....lost, confused, and scared. Where is this world going? I only know this world is a messed up place. All i can now ask is that we pray for love, pray for peace, pray for ariana, pray for manchester and pray for better days. I love you ariana.. This isnt your fault, We love you. Stay strong @arianagrande
#prayformanchester #prayforariana

Shall i make more of these?💓 {Swipe} @justinbieber

No definitly not😂



LIL CHICKEN NUGGET 💜 @justinbieber

✦ *゚ This is all i ask for in life. Just one hug, one hug @justinbieber *・✦


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