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J Dawg  #SDS #NoCeilings #GFG🙏🏾 12.2.2 Booking@jdawgmusic.com or 8322506439 12.2.2 & BeHind Tint vol. 3 Comming Soon #LongLiveMug #BabySky


THis sHit 2 Hard.... Keep going yung bull, keep going...

We got to stop all tHis false claimin... If you claim sometHing represent it to tHe fullest and be proud of it.. All we talk about is How bad it is and been, and How we never Had sHit and How fucced up tHe world is. Its no wonder wHy we Hardly ever make it. We cant focuz on tHe problem and tHe solution. My moma told me a long time ago, wHen you ask God for sometHing, Claim it, and tHank Him in advance. Lets stop claiming tHe sHit tHat Had our parents/moms crying all nigHt about, and start claiming the life tHat tHey wisHed and prayed all nigHt for us to Have. THe struggle is a blessing. PusH tHrough it and get your rewards.. Feed wHat you want to live, and starve wHat you want to die, tHat go's for your tHoughts also.

@godj_awards I Hate i missed tHe awards, but I really appreciate my city.. Houston we looking good.. Its some sHit we stiil Have to fix but overall, we Have a great future aHead. We tHe fortH largest and i cant say tHat enough. We Have tHe numbers to go platnium just in texas.. Support your on. Feed wHat you want to live, starve wHat you want to die. FYI........

#htownrapbattle #htownrapbattle🤘 Swipe Left... Part 1-2-3 Shout Out To THe whole H.. I Love My City And One Of My Dreams Is To See Us Unite.. We Should've Did This Whole Battle Shit On @chamillionaire New App Though #Convoz Checc It out....


Baby Loyal.. Bo Bo, Lj, and Skylar's lil brotHer. All glory to tHe most High..

Im so greatful to wake up to tHis every morning. Stay tuned yall... #IMBACC

Our creator is amazing.. There's no gift known to man that can even come close to this.. My life has changed in one week.. Happy birthay to one of the realist niggaz ive ever known #Mug i named my son after him so he will always no his uncle.. 12.2.2

Well Deserved... 12.2.2

Baby Loyal...

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