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Mohammad aka "JD" 🏥🏨🚑  Just a humanitarian lost in the land of fashion bloggers, models, travelers, foodies, and animals. My TED talk is on YouTube. CLICK on the link❤


The one representation of myself, my faith, and my beautiful culture is peace ✌. It is the sign I frequently show because it embodies my life, my upbringing, and my way of living. The sign that embodies my teachings and faith. It is a symbol more powerful than any other out there! And lastly, it is the sign that teaches me to care for others regardless of their color, race, sex, or background. Salam O'alaykum everyone "Peace be upon you all" ❤. Happy Sunday! #muslim #peace #love #faith #wayoflife #muslimsoftheworld #nursing #medicine #medicina #muslimsoftheworld1

Diversity means being able to see YOURSELF in the person most unlike you. Diversity is building a bridge everyone can cross. Diversity is a beautiful aspect of life.
More of it is needed in healthcare here in the US as our patient populations evolve and diversify. Here is to mentoring the future generations! And cheers to all who love and accept all colors, religions, cultures and walks of life as equal ❤
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I NEVER ever ever ever forget where I came from! No matter where I am in life. No matter how much money I make.. No matter where I end up.. Thank you to all the civil service/fire/ems people out there ❤. I'll be back on a rig/helicopter soon enough 🚑🚁. Happy Friday guys!
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Eid Mubarak from California to everyone around the world. A special Eid Mubarak to friends and family in Chicago and a more special one to the refugees who continue to their daily struggle to live and survive. I want to stress taking advantage of your loved ones being around you and appreciate every second of it. My family & friends are about 3500km away from me, so a day like this is much much harder for me than I imagined it would be. I miss them a ton so this ain't easy... Appreciate the value of time and put a high value on where It should be spent. Happy eid guys. I wish you all, Muslim or non-muslim much safety, good health, and patience in a hard world.. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has watched my TED talk and thank you for all the beautiful comments and messages. Much much love ❤
#eid #eidmubarak #happyeid #ramadankareem #love #peace #california #bayarea

Click on the link on my bio and please watch it! Read this whole post! There may be a gift for someone! Leave a comment, either on here or on YouTube. Let me know what you think of the talk and how you felt! Share it with your friends. For those who tag people or share this message I'm trying to share, I have a book to give away that I contributed a few chapters in. Book is titled "Leaving Syria: Seeking Refuge in Greece". I will pick one random person who comments on here tagging their friends and ship it to them anywhere around the world!
I really need to get this message out! The talk alone isn't enough. I need to spread the message! Enjoy! And happy Friday ❤
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Today is Refugee Awareness day. You know I was NOT going to let this day go without saying something!
I ask again and again. How can we shut our doors on them? Photo by @ben_sager
#refugee #refugees #refugeeswelcome #refugeeawareness

There will be two dates on your tombstone once your time is up....The dates won't matter as much as that dash "-" in between the numbers. What will you do with your time between those two dates?
Just some food for thought.
Happy Monday! ❤ by @marcusvalance
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When times got tough, he was always right there by my side. Currently, times are a little tough.. I miss this guy every day....

Everyone that was part of Eko has shown this same sign today. So here it is! One year ago, I went on a 3 month journey that changed my life. I met so so many incredible people in those refugee camps. This is just to let them know that they have NOT been forgotten! This was the date when they evacuated that camp and displaced the refugees, yet again... My film "No place like HOPE" will give you an idea about Eko
#ekocamp #youarenotforgotten #refugeecrisis #nursing #medicine #medicina

Words directly from my a dear friend and refugee Abdulazziz:

Mohammad is here in eko for two and a half months, spending a lot of time with the refugees as an English teacher, and as a health care provider.
Why did he start volunteering?
He started volunteering when he promised a woman who was in a difficult situation 8 years ago that he will help the people who are in hard situations. Some of his work in the past includes: Helping build water wells in West africa, and disaster relief work in America.
The difference with this volunteer is that he is in everywhere!! Not just volunteering, but sitting with the people, listening to their stories, playing sports with the kids, and helping them as much as possible!! Mohammad will be leaving soon, and a lot of people are going to miss his existence here, and miss his smile..... I asked mohammad if you have a message for Europe what you wanna say ? " These people are not just "Refugees" They are mothers, fathers, and children. They all want the same thing as you do: A roof over their head, food on the table, and most important, safety and security"
Through our eyes, as refugees:
you're amazing!
Photo by @abdulazez_dukhan. I ❤ you habibi !
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Proud son of a refugee and this is what I have to say...... This country was built on refugees. Refugees and children of refugees have made great contributions to our societies in the west. Chances are that your doctor, nurse, or in my case, your future anesthesia provider, fall under the #refugee umbrella. These are just small examples to keep in mind next time you think about the refugee crisis and where you stand on it. TED talk titled "What if we were friends?" comes out June 20th! I can't wait for you all to see it! It will be one to hopefully open minds regarding this issue ❤
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Anesthesia in style 😉. Happy Friday guys! Also, A Ramadan Mubarak all the way from California for those observing it ❤. Where are you guys?!?
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