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My top 30 favorite songs of 2016. Spotify playlist link in bio!

My 15 favorite albums of 2016. This year was stacked. Tagging @osodeltoro @jakeowensss and @makafelii to post theirs. 30 Favorite Songs coming tomorrow...

Japandroids are back 😡😡😡

Moorea beachin'

The lagoon in Bora Bora where we snorkeled everyday. Shout out to @TerryTheHugeBloatedFish, who I stalked all week. Dude is elusive!

Bora Bora chillin' on the ol' honeymoon!

Throwback to a more innocent time when Zayn was still in One Direction. I'll never forget how kind he was to me and @edunna on that fateful day. He didn't say anything, or even move for that matter, but the connection was undeniable. We luv u Zayn bb πŸ˜“

Uhhh... so NELLY just came and dropped 8 songs straight on our face. Best. Wedding. Ever. @bigredcp #STL

Just met my idol Joakim Noah (again) in Central Park after the Chromeo show! WOOOOOO!!! @edunna @twinpeaksdudes

Cadien from Twin Peaks just shredding out in his wheelchair #getwellsooncady

Justin Fucking Bieber decided to drop by @Coachella w/ Chance the Rapper #GOAT #bucketlist πŸŽ‰πŸŽ€πŸ˜Ž @edunna @jazzybforreal

The Illini defend the baseline inbound better than pretty much any team from the east central region of Illinois, right @edunna @tbtate??

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