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jaysee xx  i'm coming to new jersey! anyone & everyone around the area, come hang w me @ iplay america august 6th. if ur interested, details in the link below xx


take a nice look cuz we'll probably never dress this good ever again lol.

curls gon purp

climbed a billboard yesterday. can't wait to adventure & shoot w my buddy @ownthelight tonight, u talented lil shit. more to come people !

added 2 more little ones. one for my mom, & can u guess what the other means ? 1ΜΆ4ΜΆ3ΜΆ , 153

also, big thank u to @romeolacoste for always coming thru w the work. follow him for me, & comment when u have!

here's my mom & sister. go follow them for just girly things @lyndi6odard / @hellojaylyn but everyone says my mom looks like my older sister so we'll go w that so she'll feel better about her youth. luv u mom, u'll be young forever in my book.
btw my mama comes to LA today & I can't wait to show her around🌿🌿

if ur walking ur dogs please make sure their lil feet aren't burning on the ground ok cuz it's hot as balls out here & dogs are better than humans

ok so if y'all follow me on snapchat ur probably wondering why my baby went to the animal emergency hospital. so basically she was acting very strange 2 nights ago, (wasn't eating, trouble breathing, sluggish, etc) I brought her into a 24/7 vet & turns out vega has a heart murmur & fluid surrounding her heart which makes it hard for her to breath at times.. the doc said since she's so young she was probably born w it & is a lifelong disease... meaning there's no short cure to make her better but i'm glad I found out about this sooner than later becuz something like this could've lead to heart failure if not medicated. She is back @ home & we are treating her at the moment & she seems to be doing fine. so yea, just pray for the kih, she's the homie & I want her to live forever. (Also look @ her Lil face... she still don't give a shit about anything)

if u savage tag who i'm holdin 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

hello to all east coasters!
august 6th i'm holding an event for u.
laser tag. q n a. meet n greet. & hang.
yeeeeeee ! i'm hype!! I think we put something together really cool @ a really cool place close to new jersey! it's gona be a good time :) all details are in the link in my bio. hope to see u there.

also, i'm trying to get new merch made so i can have a lil booth w cool shit while we're there, if y'all are interested x

we took a shower in the front yard. know why? cuz we made a messy video. & u would know that if u subscribed to kianandjc on youtube. yes I'm trying to make u feel guilty.


shoutout henry @zane

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