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Janet Blyberg  Living on the coast of Maine. In an old blue house. With my husband, a boy, and a dog.

Kicking off the Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the beach (64 degrees if there’s sun), and lilacs in bloom. Hope your holiday is a happy one. #springinmaine #mynewenglandlife #howdoesyourgardengrow #oldbluehouse

Apple blossoms in the gloaming—the Old English word for twilight, "glōm," which is akin to "glōwan," an Old English verb meaning "to glow."
I love the long evenings at this time of the year. #thisismaine #springinnewengland #appleblosoms #twilight

Look what bloomed today! Our patch is a marriage of pips from my parents summer cottage here in Maine, and my husband’s old garden in Michigan. Over the years, they have grown together and I can no longer tell which ones came from where. 🌿 #lilyofthevalley #howdoesyourgardengrow #springinmaine #mynewenglandlife

For a brief magical moment, the apple blossoms bloom. “Look mama, look! It’s snowing!” #springinmaine #mynewenglandlife #childhoodunplugged

One of my favorite things about spring in New England is all of the plant sales. Heirloom plants and flowers you can’t find anywhere else! Today we hit the sale at the Moffatt-Ladd House in Portsmouth. In addition to some baptisia (false indigo), yellow violets, fumitory, coral bells, and money plant, we got an heirloom rose called “Old Salem” (which has a white bloom, slightly tinged with pink). Now, where to plant it all!? #springinnewengland #historicgardencrush #heirloomplants

Hug your mamas extra tight today. xo

We had three glorious days of SUN (before the rain clouds closed in again today). It was just enough to stir the earth, and encourage the small green sprouts and apple blossom buds. They are poised on the edge of spring, ready to pop. We gave PC a bird house for his birthday, and we’re hoping for a few residents. #mynewenglandlife #springinmaine #childhoodunplugged

Look Mama, beautiful trees! #exploring #childhoodunplugged #thisismaine

Right about now, this time three years ago, I was in the early stages of labor, settling in for a long night—and what would prove to be a long day to follow. Your arrival at 5:03pm on the 29th of April was hard won, and worth every pain. You were the sweetest reward. The simple joy with which you approach life, and your thoughtful, inquisitive nature fills this mama up. . . Yesterday your friends celebrated you with cake and balloons. And tomorrow you will officially be three. Happy Birthday PC. 🌈 #birthdayboy #childhoodunplugged #threeyearsold (Thank you to @amongtheferns for the second photo!)

Friday on Fisherman’s Walk: throwing rocks in the water, inspecting dog poop, and looking for bugs. #itsaboyslife #childhoodunplugged #springinmaine #mynewenglandlife

Two weeks ago we met the amazing @tiffanymizzellphotography at Little Boar’s Head in New Hampshire for a family photo session. It was cold and windy, but the light was perfect and we had fun exploring the old fish houses dotting the beach. I’m so grateful for the beautiful images that Tiffany took of our family. #tiffanymizzellphotography #newenglandlife #explorenewhampshire #childhoodunplugged

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