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Jersey City Craft Beer Girl  Ghoulie girl enjoying delicious craft beer in Jersey City, NJ and surrounding areas. Giving you the scoop on what’s on tap and where to find it. 👽 🍺

I’m typically not too crazy about hype collaborations. Especially OH/Monkish collabs. The ones in the past never really impressed me. This one is good. I had it fresh on tap on release day back in March and I was taken by surprise. Balanced, sweet, juicy and apple-saucy. I’ve been hearing from others that if you have this in cans you should drink it now because it’s about to take a ⬇️. Beer-grammers are right. Drink it now. // thank you to @theboozypirate for gifting me this can.

So third post in a row about, but I can’t help it. Holy H-E double hockey sticks, they brought back Filthy Flow for their one year anniversary. Collaboration with @thinmanbrewery. This beer is straight danky grapefruit juice. Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic. No lactose. It is a crusher. Reminds me of @singlecutbeer 18-watt with a kick. (I love 18 watt.) And I appreciate how the can straight up says “DO NOT AGE.” Seriously people, stop aging fresh hops 🛑 Which reminds me....I have some new @troonbrewing crowlers to get into. Guess imma have a beer share soon 🤔

My coworker (who apparently has never seen a baseball game in his life) has been asking me the dumbest questions in the history of baseball today. I can’t pick one to post about. They are all too unreal 😂. Makes me wish I was actually at the #Mets game right now or at least at home watching while enjoying some of this United We Cheers German-style Pilsner, brewed in support of the 7 Line Army. Oh well 😞. Happy opening week y’all! ⚾️

Congrats to on one year in biz. I’ll never forget the day a year ago when my friends and I headed to Queens on a sunny Saturday to go check it out. I was mesmerized by the amount of taps that were flowing. Mostly Mikkeller but lots of amazing guest taps as well. I’ve been back numerous times throughout the year and met some wonderful people there along the way. It’s my little secret place I like to go to after work to read a book, relax, and pick up beer to go. I don’t mind the hike out to Citi field. I feel like it’s a nice getaway from the “city”. Maybe this season I’ll actually venture in and go to a Mets game for once. 🙈 😂 I was gonna talk about a delicious beer that caught me by surprise yesterday, but this post is long enough so I’ll save that for another time. Happy birthday Mikkeller NYC! 🎉 //beer pictured is Mikkeller EU SpontanDoubleRaspberry

I’ve posted this beer twice in my stories over the past 2 weeks. Finally going to talk about it..... @otherhalfnyc Ramos Gin Fizz Berliner Weisse, with gin botanicals, orange blossom water, lemon, and lime. There is a reason why this beer was only available to Pastrytown VIPs. It is a very well executed and accomplished cocktail-inspired Berliner. Sweet, sour, herbaceous, and fizzy. Those who got this beer are very lucky to have it. The Ramos Gin Fizz is probably up there in my top 3 favorite cocktails. Gin is definitely my favorite spirit (sup @corgispirits 💜 ) So for me this is fantastic. And for those who were upset about the 8 can offer that was first presented in their Pastrytown VIP packages I’m just gonna say you gotta give the juice a break once in a while and branch out a bit. It doesn’t hurt to try new 8 cans of Berliner 😂 . So what did OH do with all the extra VIP cans of this that weren’t claimed? They’re available for sale in the taproom right now for on site only consumption. Go get that ishhh.

It’s been a wild week for me. 😓 Relieved to have a brief moment to hang out on my rooftop and enjoy a beer this evening. My first rooftop beer of the season. I don’t even care that it’s cold and rainy outside. Imma do it anyways. 💁🏻‍♀️ It is spring after all. Stay Wild Moon Child was released a week ago. Collab with @otherhalfnyc @garageproject & @supermoonbakehouse. Imperial porter with bananas, caramelized croissants (!), cacao, vanilla, and almonds. It’s like a caramely chocolate covered banana sprinkled with nuts. This is delicious. And finally a banana beer that doesn’t have coconut. I’m happy. 🍌 🍌 🍌

❌No Pastrytown for me today❌ I guess my decision to skip out really was for the better because I’m currently sick taking medication which I can’t drink with soo 🤷🏻‍♀️. Honestly I’m just not a big on boozy beer fests. They’re just too much for me. At home it sometimes takes me 2-3 days to finish a bottle of stout because small pours are all I can handle 😬Call me when SaisonTown comes around....// I did get the opportunity to grab bottles of the @otherhalfnyc special Pastrytown stouts that will be pouring today. I’ll review these in 2 months once I’m done sipping them like a turtle 😉 Enjoy P-town ghoulies!!!! (Also I’m just gonna throw this out there. If I know you and you find yourself on the brink of RIPing at P-town don’t hesitate to call/DM me if you need a DD home, or like to the hospital 😉 💀.)

😍 The Dreamiest 😍 @otherhalfnyc Oat Cream IPA. I have a bunch of new beers to get into but I can’t stop going back to this one. It is such a treat. I almost always share my extra cans with my ghoulies but this time I greedily saved my 4 pack for myself. Sorry ghouls 😐This is so well balanced. Sweet, juicy, a little bitter, dank, and so so pillowy on the tongue. I can’t believe I’ve never had this beer before. It is delish! And I love that it’s less than 8%. I will certainly be chasing this one. You should too.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of my ghoulfriends out there in the craft beer community. 👯‍♀️ 😘 Had to do it proper with the @kcbcbeer and @pinkbootssociety collab, Dynamite Daredevils IPA. I love the artwork done by the talented @funnybonestuff. The superwomen featured in the art are the KCBC employees that put this brew together. How badass is that!? On top of it all a portion of the proceeds from this beer help support women beer professionals. 🦸🏻‍♀️ Can I get an Amen? Please give @pinkbootssociety a follow if don’t already do. // This IPA was super dry. Hops are Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabio, Glacier, and Loral. Tangerine in color and also in flavor. 🍊

There are three days a year when I drink @abitabeer Purple Haze by the gallon. 1. Mardi Gras (duh) 2. Tulane annual Crawfish Boil 3. That random day every summer where my friends and I decide it would be a good idea to hang out at @lutze_jc Beer Garden for 12 hours straight. Tonight it’s all about dem beadz and brass ⚜️🎺 💚💛💜

I planned on bringing one of these colorful cans of OH/Finback “Tropical Crumble” sour IPA (coconut, lime, pineapple, graham cracker, vanilla, & macadamia nuts) to the Philadelphia Flower show this weekend so I could be all pretty and artistic with some floral backdrops to match the can. But someone forgot to bring it 😔. So here’s a photo of a can laying in the snow in front of my dead flowers from last season and some new tulip buds getting ready for the approaching spring season. 🌹 // To be honest I did not dig this beer at all. Way too much going on and my immune system did not react well to it because I started to get itchy after a few sips in. It is coconut-heavy. But I’m hearing mixed reviews! What are your thoughts?

Headed to the Philadelphia Flower show this weekend. If you think beer release lines are bad, you should see flower show lines 😑. These ladies are no joke. Gotta be first to get those orchid pics. Anyways, speaking of pretty things I posted this on my story last weekend but it’s so 😍 that I wanted to add it to my page. DDH Space Diamonds from @otherhalfnyc . The one and only beer that I actually chase from OH because it’s my fav. 🌸 🌺 🌹

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