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Joshua Christian  You don't live 'till you're ready to die

Glad y'all made it out Mark and Rosie!.. Stoked we got to bring in your birthday with you too brotha @asvpmontry #waitwhatstayweird #sowhatfestival

Then the greatest band in the world @everytimeidie ripped the crowd a new one @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

Weird seeing @powertriptx in a festival setting but that didn't mean it was any less rowdy @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

Finally got to see @heislegendnc again after many years of missing their set @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

@capsizeband set the vibe early Sunday afternoon @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

@maydayparadeband played "A Lesson In Romantics" in its entirety" and it was perfect. @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

Got to see @envyonthecoast again after like 8 years and I almost cried @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

@knucklepuckil right before @josephfran fell off stage and ripped his hand open 😢 @sowhatmusicfest @dfwconcert #waitwhatstayweird

If y'all haven't seen these new Chappelle specials yet, you messin up! And fun fact.. I was at that Austin show taping!.. left side behind the dude drinking a beer you can see my hat! #waitwhatstayweird

WHAT. THE. FUCK. How are all my dreams coming true?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #waitwhatstayweird

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