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JBUk🧚‍♀️  Sydney, AUS Ⓥ k9 mutha @jbukfiddy_piercing @jbux_sydney @illustratedmantattoo

Should I change my username to rosebudfiddy? #rosie #rosebud #bae @yeahradcreative

Can you guess what my fav katy Perry era is? #katyperry @katyperry

I tried to dance to other shit today but my pole dancer persona only likes @limpbizkit

On a scale of one to boop.. how many boops do you want to boop on Rosie’s snoot? 📷 @yeahjoelcreative #boops #dogs


This month marks my 2 year Pole anniversary. I threw myself way out of my comfort zone with pole dance. I never danced or did gymnastics as a kid or teenager so it’s been super challenging and fun learning something completely new. It’s kept me going through some pretty shit times, put my body to work and kept my mind busy when I needed it to be. It’s given me confidence that I never had and a side to me that I didn’t know existed. In short... it’s been a bloody HOOT. Here’s to another 2 years... or 5 years... or 10 years.. actually probs forever. EX OH #poleisfun

In me element #rosebud #sleep

Girl tings

I’m still waiting for a happier moment in my life... doin nangs, 35 degree heat, Vietnam, vaycay mode. #peaked #content #nameabetterquadruple

I actually graduated in 1977 #themanyerasofjessbuxton #mad

Disney on ice was off chops #apeshit

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