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Belieber💁🏼  “never say never see what is possible if you never give up”-JB💜💪🏼#justinbieber#belieber MY WATTPAD IS @jbmuffin94! Check it out :)

Just blessed your feed. You can thank me later. 💗

Type in ‘If I‘d meet Justin he’d be‘ and tap the suggestions till you get a full sentence.

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If you could only listen to ONE of the songs from Justin’s album Purpose, which one would you choose? ❣️


Part 1
*Your pov.* Birds are chirping. Sunbeams are touching my face. Sleepy I open my eyes a little. I see bright light and blue water. Then I close my eyes. As I listen to my steady breathing I almost fall asleep again. But the birdsong won´t let me. I blink a few times and examine my surroundings. Drowsy I pull the soft blankets closer to my body. I look out of the huge windows in front of me and catch sight of a large pool filled with clear water. *more in comments*

Crazy throwback

Justin sends you this snap. Your 4th emoji is your reaction. 🤤

Can’t help it lol

Your 2nd emoji is your reaction to the video ❣️


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