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Je Ne Sais Quoi  This would-be rescuer is, himself, lost. A fire feeding itself : philosophy, plants, writing, et cetera

Contemporaries speak on #Nietzsche, who he was, their impressions and memories. This is going to do weird things to me btw

Diversity is strength. i.e. Don't be a totalitarian weed nazi. But also have goals. K. Don't over think it. Jk pls over and out-think it

The New World and Old World are One

#Begonia luxurians #begonialuxurians 😍

Fish tank is happening. But first a ton of research. Then a heat coil for plant roots. Then aquatic landscaping, something natural looking. Then I think I'll attempt to hang lights higher and grow plants up out of the tank, multi-dimensionally

All my greatest hopes have been realized via them all *being *superceded *by *this. Kitten nip-suckling

Lol I finally made it to where I need 😥 now to put it all back together 😲 #fordbronco2 #fordbroncoii be kind on the rebuild pls. Last selfie swear but this has been my life for the past three days lol

One day I will read Faust / appreciate #Goethe #Deutsche Geister sitzen in unseren Köpfen und Stadtplätzen. Sie auftürmen auf, diese Figuren und meine Bücher von ihnen ja

Done on a budget and still beaut .. Those #festucamairei .. In retrospect, one more ground rose was needed

Love seeing my landscapes looking well. Low water, low maintenance. Spring beaut.

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