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“I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.” -Tony Robbins
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I will catch up with everyone this week. If you’ve texted or DMed me, I will return all messages ASAP. I’ve been literally working non stop on setups, parts, CAD designs, construction in the workshop and preparing everything for the CNC machines. Also spent some time updating the 4000+ 3D CAD files for a huge project that I will talk more about this fall. Until then, here’s some old CAD renderings that I found on my phone. Every part that was reverse engineered was done so to the EXACT dimension of the original design. Using original blueprints and spec sheets as far back as 1936 coupled with modern metrology equipment such as a CMM and many other measuring instruments. No datum was guessed. It’s all 100% correct. #aircrafthydraulics #pesco #optimabatteries #autodesk #inventor #fusion360 #metrology #mitutoyo #cmm #breakingbad62

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We define behavior as a response to a stimulus that enters the brain. If you can learn how to control your own behaviors with emotional intelligence, you can determine your own response to any stimulus and further control what stimulus you give off for others to react to. If you don’t learn how to control your own behavior, you will continue to live in a vicious cycle of bad reactions going back and forth in a heated conversation. When you learn how to control your brain’s responses and behavior, you also learn the power to change how other people respond and behave back to you. Photo: @lawofambition @redwolfent @salthousands

Too good not to repost. Lord Ezec telling like it is. Motherfuckers need to stop with the classifications and calling people stupid names.
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So proud of my baby girl, words can not describe.

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So extremely proud of my tiny dancer this week. She competed hard over the past two days in Nationals and for Title. She scored an Elite Gold and 9th overall for Nationals and then tonight placed 2nd runner up for Miss Mini Dance of America as well as in the Top 3 for her Interview and Stage Presence categories!! She makes me so humble and proud to be her mommy!!! 💖💖

Happy Fathers Day to all you awesome dads out there. (This statement excludes all the shitty dads...in fact...fuck y’all).

UPDATE: I have decided to use a Space Mouse Wireless and sell both the Space Pilot Pro for $200 (used) and the Space Mouse Enterprise for $300 (new) (plus shipping) See previous post for more details. #3D #mouse #3Dmouse #cad #cam #cadcam

So...It’s recently become apparent to myself that I have way too much stuff. I purchased a Space Mouse Enterprise 3D Mouse from @3dconnexion recently and I haven’t taken it out of the box until today. I still love my Space Pilot Pro, but instead of putting the Pro back in the original package and storing it until it has no value, I’m actually going to sell it and part ways. It has served me well, still works perfectly and has never had crumbs or drinks spilled near it. I’ll be using it all day today finishing up a reverse engineering job and then I’ll wipe it down and put it in its original box and it will be ready to ship Monday morning. DM all offers. I’ll remove this post once someone commits to a purchase. #3Dmouse #3Dconnexion #cad #cam #cadcam #autodesk #fusion360 #inventor #solidworks

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Break the elites slave chain around your neck and support a friend or family member where you’re able to.

As a 42 year old “punk rock kid/hardcore kid” this is probably the best video I’ve ever seen. Huge thanks to @damianburnz for posting & @jah_chemistry for reposting. THIS IS AMAZING. Proof that hardcore is worldwide, no other genre could create world piece the same way hardcore can. #Repost @jah_chemistry with @get_repost
This has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. An adorable little Japanese Baby breaking down a SKAMDUST song! (If there's any doubts that We effect the Future, this proves We do). SKAMDUST is a World Premier! @skamdust @damianburnz 🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙

Too good not to repost. So many asskissers, nuthuggers and just straight up pieces of shit that want to see others fail. Tell them the truth and they cry. Tell them a lie and and they love you. It's sad that we live in a world full of people who give fake compliments on social media just to make themselves look good. Everyone has a hidden agenda. If you disagree please unfollow me immediately, or die (but unfollow first so your memory doesn't linger on). #Repost @chuckychuckdgaf (@get_repost)
Whole lot of fake shit 🖕 desperate loyalty is that the new thing now? #countmeout

Too real not to repost...I have recently lost 99% of all the trust I ever had for anyone. But, what can I say, sheep are going to sheep. 🖕😎🖕 #Repost @hooligan_d.m.s (@get_repost)
One thing my father did teach me is everyone has an angle and they're out to get you!! you got to figure out what their angle is and use it against them!!! #lifelessons #outtogetme #alwayswatchyourback

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