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jasmine🌸✨  film, media & culture student I have awful nicknames 🌚 22 | Yorkshire - mostly Sheffield & Leeds📍

The rose to my thorn 🌹 also got old disposable cameras developed ✨

Boozy brunch le house ✨

cheetah girls, despite the lack of sun I’m loving being back in Leeds 💁🏼

This rain is making me wish I was back with my day one // also these lovely humans and the sun too🌞🇬🇷

On the hunt for Colossus of Rhodes ancient wonder of the world he was totally here 🇬🇷🌞

Where they filmed The Guns of Navarone ✨🇬🇷

Island blue & white is dreamy 🌞🇬🇷

Basically Hotel Bella Donna ✨🇬🇷

In the Red Keep yesterday 🏰🇬🇷

The island of Rhodos is very windy, I have constantly messy holiday hair too ✨🤷🏼‍♀️


my love Re is wennywan; so we drank bare bevs and boogied 💞✨