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Mr.Equinox  25 Dallas,Tx I help my clients overcome physical, mental and spiritual struggles while getting them in best shape of there life! @equinox #EQXPT

Brothers and sisters!! If this morning when you got up out of bed and questioned yourself on whether you were good enough to thrive today or are questioning yourself in general or have doubts about yourself I want to speak LIFE INTO YOU THIS MORNING and tell you that what you may think now or see now does not have to be your existence or reality!! We can change anything we want about ourselves at any moment. We allow ourselves to take in these inaccurate thoughts or emotions of ourselves and we allow it to take hold of our life. I’m telling you today you have the chance to change that if you want to!! We all have the chance to live a fulfilling life but it is up to us to make it a reality. Make the choice today to not feel like your your unworthy or that you can’t accomplish and go and prove the world wrong by rebirthing in your PURPOSE!!

Through tragedy can lead to new opportunities. One door opens another closes

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We take the things that Life Breaks Apart... We Open Our Hearts... and Turn Broken Things into Art!
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Proud of @tkrieger2 for dropping 16lbs in 6 1/2 weeks!! Keep it going!! @equinox

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Choice of environment. Environmental design is your greatest responsibility.

Set the tone for yourself this week by not allowing another day go by where you allow your limiting beliefs rule your life!! Limiting beliefs about yourself are the most destructive things that hold us back in life from showing the world who we really are. Break these shackles and watch the person who your suppose to be come out. #riseup #walkinyourpurpose

The amount of love and friendship Ive been receiving recently is unreal. It’s allowed me to view relationships with people in a whole different manner. I’m no longer trying to see what I can get out of people but looking at it as how can I help others who have struggled through the same struggles as I have? We need to more of culture of people who uplift one another and not put people down. #mutualrespect #committosomething

So proud of all the hard work this guy has been putting in lately. Keep it going! @sharankalva

You are worth Jesus to God. Walk in that today

Always keep learning.
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When’s the last time you updated your mental software? Great Monday motivation from Tim Grover. @attackathletics

RISE UP! These last couple of days have been a test of my faith and while it’s hard for me to write about my personal life on here I hope that someone sees this and gets something from it. Tough situations happen to folks all the time, when tough situations happen to me I’m quick to shut out people and go to this place in my mind to figure out what I have to do to get myself out of this situation alone. While this may sound good to some I consider it a negative trait here’s why. I shut people out instead of trying to gather council and support. We all need to be held accountable and we all need support that’s how we grow. I’m here to tell that if your like me and have a tendency to shut people off when times get tough then your doing yourself and others a disservice! Alone we are weak but together we are stronger in numbers. What if someone out there is going through the same thing as you are, all it takes is that extra step to see how people are doing. I am by no means an expert but am always willing to help out how I can to help lift up my brothers and sisters. RISE UP!!

Day 2: unbelievable

Day one success

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