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Juan Barajas 

#Equality. Don’t assume I’m going to pay for everything. #LetsGoHalfsies

You don’t break #BroCode like that. #DickMoveBro

Except i would give the best X-MEN valentine to a girl named Katie. But Katie was a dick and liked some booger eater named Tom. #FUKatie

This sweet lil #Puppykins turns 10 years old March 5th. Think ima throw a #PuppyParty 🐶🎂🥂🎁🎈🎀🎉🎊❤️💝

Life would be so wonderful! 🤠

Daddy loves them 2s!!!! $350 up! #JamiePickedMYSquares #JamieGetsNothing #HiCousinJamie

Brace yourself, this dude is coming. If you send me a link to show me your view from your Superbowl seats, I’m not opening it.

Ohhhhh kayyyyy....? So random person adds me. I look at the profile pic, swipe one time.....what the duece? Like are these scammers even trying anymore?

Accurate depiction of how my day is going so far. ☕️ 😞 #Schleepy #IsItNapTimeYet #ZZZzzzzzz

Bella Thoughts-“I wonder if Dad knows that i know what he’s doing when he locks me out of the bedroom for 10 minutes” #YouKnowNothingLilPupper

Nothing like a “LIL” wrestling on a Friday night!!!! Hahahahah you get it??? You fucking get it!???? Cuz they’re midgets! Hahaha #MidgetMania #MidgetStrippers

Pups are tight. 🐶

Me at work right now. The fact that he checked to see if he pissed himself makes this vid golden!

This dude can read Dr Seuss and make it sound inspirational while people give him a round of applause. #WordsOfWisdom

Dude! LeBron is a chump! Please don’t do it! He’s gonna handicap the franchise for years to come! Save the assets and get Paul George this coming off season!

Moving to Canada. See ya on the other side. 🇨🇦 🥊 🏒 👶🏻

Guys on skis are dicks! #FinishHim #WWE #EatMySki

Tonight’s dilemma. Hmmm

Encourage your kids to be whatever they wanna be! #EveryoneLovesChickenNuggets #NugNation #Nuggies

My favorite vid on the internet right now. 🐶

Karen just doesn’t understand! Investing in our future! 🐕 💰

The Neff will be hitting dingers in no time! He’s already got the celebration down! 😂😂😂 ⚾️

Who’s MCM is this? The best part was when he breaks into his Van Damme in kick boxer dance. Superb!

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