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Jesse Byrne  Professional Bullfighter on the @PBR BFTS ----also check out @jb_bullfighter on Twitter

#Embrace and have #Faith. Do the work to have the life you want, leaving resentment and self pity in the rear view mirror..... I’ve learned a LOT from the past and I am taking action towards better days moving forward. Letting go, embracing the present, taking things one moment at a time. There’s too much greatness in life to miss out on! Being vulnerable, loving myself, and not letting fear keep me from overcoming challenges. There’s just too much untapped potential within me to deny. I’m proud of myself these days dealing in what once seemed like impossible territory to navigate. Daily progress ever evolving!
A heartfelt thank you to those who have pushed me to be true to myself and live the life I deserve. I’m sorry I couldn’t see it sooner. ❤️ I love you all, and I’m excited to share with you the result! #happy #grateful ———Time to say Goodbye to Instagram maybe another time but right now you are a distraction from being my best self. ✌️

Thanks for a great @pbr event NYC @thegarden Good to be back with @shortygorham @officialcodywebster and nice to meet a new fan of the sport @donaldjtrumpjr thanks for taking the time to visit with us! @kuiu_official

Staring one down @thegarden @pbr 2018
#PBRBuckoff #pozzy23

2017 - so much to say goodbye to 2018 - so much to say hello to #love #integrity #gratitude #courage #faith #powertochoose #nomorewasteddays #lessonslearned

#beyondjudgement There is always more to every single person's story than what may appear. Open your minds and Open your hearts. #bekindtooneanother

Interesting perspective... @pbr #bullfighter @matadorjerky

I'd say we got this problem surrounded....just think how much easier life's challenges are when you have good people standing with you. Everyone needs help. #egoistheenemy

You just never know what lies ahead....

Looking back on another @pbr season in the books...congrats @jesslockwood7 on your first world title and @pagebulls with Bruiser going back to back as the world's best bucking bull! Big thanks to everyone @pbr @pbrcanada @matadorjerky @machinery_auctioneers and @newsomfrank @shortygorham @officialcodywebster for making it all possible. #2018

Getting ready to roll.... @tmobilearena Saturday night @pbr #worldfinals action with my pals @shortygorham @newsomfrank @officialcodywebster #bullfighter @matadorjerky photo by @bullstockmedia

Another @PBR regular season in the books .... which means it's #pbrworldfinals time! @matadorjerky #bullfighter #vegasstrong #worldchamptime #youngmoneymillionaire ....... photo by @bullstockmedia

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