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J B Welly  Gear for people with plans and ideas. Pens, pencils, notebooks. Visit my online store. βœπŸΌπŸ“š Seattle, Washington #jbwelly

JBWelly.com Hi friends! As many of you know, I’m getting ready to move the company into a larger space. Starting next Wednesday May 23 JBWelly.com will be closing for 2-3 weeks while everything gets packed up and moved to the new location. Between now and then, I will be running a big 30% off sale to help reduce my inventory. This is a great chance to stock up on some awesome journaling supplies! Use the promo code β€œmoving” at checkout. Sale ends Tuesday night May 22 at midnight. βœπŸΌπŸ“šπŸ˜€ #leuchtturm1917 #rhodia #pilotpen #pilotmetropolitan #blackwing #fabercastell #jbwelly

JBWelly.com RED DOTS are now available!! Link in bio. Red Dots are a special limited edition notebook from Leuchtturm1917. They are just the same as the normal A5, but have red ink throughout, red edges on the pages, and matching double ribbon page markers. Having the dot pattern red makes the dots stand out more than gray dots, while still not being black. If you love the color red, or are looking for a notebook a little more distinctive than the usual gray dotted notebooks, these are for you! I only have a small supply of them, so act fast! As always, free shipping on domestic orders over $30. 😊 #leuchtturm1917 #reddots #notebook #jbwelly

JBWelly.com Happy Hump Day Giveaway! πŸ€—
There’s no better way to get over the hump than to do a giveaway!
Nicole from @written.intentions is hosting an awesome giveaway! She has teamed up with Jennifer @inkbyjeng and myself to bring you some fabulous goods! Head over to @written.intentions for all the details. Good luck, and happy hump day!!! πŸ€—
#ItsTheLittleThings #Leuchtturm1917 #PilotMetropolitan #Sakura #SakuraMicron #Pen #Positive #Positivity #Happy #Giving #Love #HumpDay #HappyHumpDay

JBWelly.com Not only do the new Red Dots notebooks from Leuchtturm1917 have red dots, but they have red page edges too! How cool is that!? Available on Thursday, May 17! 😍😊 #Leuchtturm #leuchtturm1917 #reddots #jbwelly

JBWelly.com Introducing Red Dots, the new special edition A5 notebook from Leuchtturm1917! Available in Royal Blue, Anthracite, and Army! Coming to JBWelly.com May 17 - Mark you calendar! 😍😍😍 #leuchtturm1917 #reddots #jbwelly

JBWelly.com (continued) After wandering here and there, and far and wide, the Red Dots gained a world of wisdom β€” but still, they had no home. Then one day they came upon the magical Land of Leuchtturm1917, which was like a beacon of light for these weary dots. Leuchtturm1917 welcomed them with open arms and pledged to create some very special new notebooks celebrating their uniqueness and worldly wisdom. The Red Dots had at last found a home. 😊 #leuchtturm1917 #reddots

JBWelly.com What could possibly be in these mysterious packages? Stay tuned! I’ve uploaded a new video to my blog with an update on my big upcoming move. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch as it unfolds. My blog link is in the bio. πŸ˜€

JBWelly.com (continued) Even though the gray dots and the red dots loved each other, there was no place in a peaceful gray dot notebook for the wilder red dots. Sometimes when you’re a little different, you have to find your own new path. So, tearfully, the red dots said goodbye to their gray dot cousins, and set off on their own.

JBWelly.com (continued) After seeing how happy the first red dot was, several of the other gray dots turned red too! Once, all the dots were peaceful and gray, and now suddenly there was quite a commotion as one gray dot after another turned RED!

JBWelly.com These have been on backorder FOREVER! But now they’re here! I was only able to get 10 of each color, so they will go fast! Grab one of these amazing and unique notebooks from Leuchtturm1917 today! βœπŸΌπŸ“šπŸ˜Š #leuchtturm1917 #notebook #somelinesaday #memory #book

JBWelly.com What in the world is going on at J B Welly? Check out the blog to find out. Link in bio. 😊

JBWelly.com Once upon a time ALL the dots were gray. Things went on this way for years and everyone was happy. But then one day, for no obvious reason, one of the dots turned RED!

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