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Story time! Swipe right ➡️ Over the past few years I’ve been able to meet and become friends with some fine folks over at @noveske_llc. It’ve had an idea for a long time to build up John’s old 300 blackout rifle but it’s always been on the back burner. The stars finally aligned a few months ago and I was able to complete the build. This build isn’t anything special, many people have attempted to “clone” it. But I set out to do the most detailed version yet. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the rarer details that most people miss:

1. First and foremost was tracking down the optic. Huge thanks to @g.ast for helping me track down an original Schmidt & Bender 1.1-4x20 Short Dot new in packaging.

2. The mount John had his Short Dot in was an older ADM Recon with Noveske markings that are no longer made. The newer ones have different markings. @horseheadinfidel worked with @americandefensemfg to build me up a new mount with correct rings and old style Noveske markings. Ridiculously grateful for this piece.

3. Gen 2 forged lower.

4. Older-style no longer produced 9” NSR rail.

5. A little detail most people miss, the BCM gunfighter charging handle on John’s rifle was also coated. Hat tip to @artilleryking for help with this info. Used one with Noveske markings that can still be seen through the coating.

6. A good shot of the Foliage Green that my local cerakote guy worked so hard on to match the Magpul furniture and match the sheen/finish of the original KG Gunkote that was on John’s rifle.

7. An original NOS no longer produced 10.2” 300 blackout stainless barrel. You can still source 10.5” barrels or longer and have them chopped/threaded but then you end up chopping off part of the Noveske stamping and serial number. Such a good find!

8. Deep socket AAC 51t flash hider. I already owned the AAC 7.62 SDN-6 silencer that’s correct for this build, but needed to find the deep-socket flash hider that puts the can the correct distance from the rail when mounted.

9. 5-slot keymod rail section. You wouldn’t believe how hard this is to find. Noveske only makes a 4 slot version now and the 5-slot version has been long discontinued.

10. Sometimes builds come down to o

My idea of a good time.

Winter fun w/ @m_w_p_

Throwback Friday to when it was spring and there wasn't 2ft of snow on the ground on all my favorite shooting spots.

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